Ben Blushi under investigation/ Three scandals in the hands of the Prosecution

9 Maj 2022, 11:42, English CNA
Ben Blushi under investigation/ Three scandals in the hands of the Prosecution

Former Socialist Party MP Ben Blushi in under investigation by the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office. CNA.al addressed a letter to the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office in October 2021, asking for information regarding several scandals denounced in the media, where is suspected to be involved the former politician Ben Blushi.

In response to CNA.al, the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office confirms that criminal proceedings have been registered and that the case is under investigation. CNA.al has reported on several scandals, in which is suspected of being involved the former politician Ben Blushi.

First, we recall here the issue of forgery of the signature of Ben Blushi?s daughter, Natali Blushi, in the transaction of sale and purchase of a property in Korça. CNA.al has made public official data on a property with a value of almost 500 million Lek, which was bought for only 30.000 euros. And this on behalf of Ben Blushi?s daughter, Natali Blushi.

The amount of money for this transaction, according to the data declared by Blushi himself in the 2015 declaration of assets, was paid by him. But according to the official data, that we have provided from TIMS, ie from the entry-exit system from Albania, it turns out that Natali Blushi was not in Albania during the time the sales contract was signed between the citizen Andon Dhima and the citizen Natali Blushi.

On the other hand, CNA.al has shown through exclusive documents, Ben Blushi?s partnership with the owners of the incinerators, where his wife Eva Blushi had a commercial relationship. It is a company established in Bulgaria, EM Capital Group, where co-shareholders are Mirel Mërtiri, Klodian Zoto and Eva Blushi.

Also another scandal, which casts a shadow of doubt are the accusations of the businessman Andon Dhima. The latter addressed a letter to the US Embassy in Tirana. He claims that Ben Blushi owes him 63.000 dollars in the form of fuel.

According to the businessman Dhima, at the time when Blushi was a deputy, he received from him fuel without paying, even though the Parliament gave the deputies millions of Lek for fuel and other expenses. These are the scandals for which the Tirana Prosecutor?s Office is already investigating./CNA.al

Ben Blushi, nën hetim/ Tri skandale, në duart e Prokurorisë

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