From the attacks on SPAK, to propaganda/ Edi Rama, the Prime Minister who boasts of the mass departure of citizens from the country

8 Maj 2022, 13:03, English CNA
From the attacks on SPAK, to propaganda/ Edi Rama, the Prime Minister who boasts

A day before, Prime Minister Edi Rama appeared at the meeting of the Assembly of the Socialist Party, attacking and threatening the SPAK for not launching an investigation against former Prime Minister Sali Berisha and President Ilir Meta.

Today, the Prime Minister appeared with another face, boasting about the departure of Albanian citizens from their country. Mass emigration for economic reasons, Rama sees and sells as an achievement of his government. Instead of accountability, Rama makes propaganda with this social wound.

He shared on social media a video with data from air traffic, referring to the European Civil Aviation Agency. According to the video published by Rama, last week Albania broke the record in air traffic with 107 flights per day. In first place stands Portugal, followed by Turkey and Norway, while in fourth place Spain.

For the Prime Minister, this is an achievement. But behind it are hidden many different things. Therefore, the citizens raise suspicions, ironize and sting, commenting on his next propaganda, that it is about an increase of another traffic, not the air one. They remind the propagandistic Prime Minister the ?crazy? plane ticket prices.

?Albanians are fleeing their country en masse?Mr. Prime Minister, this is not an achievement, but a failure .. Why do we continue to be the first country for economic emigration even after 32 years of pseudo-democracy?When will the day come to brag about the water supply for 24 hours a day, without schedules, or is that not in your competence?? And what about the fact that we have the highest prices in Europe for air travel?? – write among others the citizens.

Meanwhile, according to INSTAT, the departures of Albanian citizens from the territory

of Albania, during March 2022 are 388.067. Compared to March 2021, this number has increased by 51.7 per cent. Whereas, the number of Albanian citizens leaving the territory of Albania during the first three months of 2022, is 1.053.690, increasing by 39.3 per cent, compared to the same period of the previous year./CNA.al

Nga sulmet ndaj SPAK-ut, tek propaganda/ Rama, kryeministri që mburret me largimin masiv të qytetarëve

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