Our Prime Minister knows nothing

10 Maj 2022, 13:24, English CNA

Finally, Albanians have all understood, and now they firmly believe, that they have elected a Prime Minister who knows nothing. So we have a Prime Minister who doesn?t know what is happening in our Albania, the land of a thousand and one scandals and oddities.

Our Prime Minister knows nothing when crime invades the country. He has no information. He doesn?t hear or see. He is not informed at all for multiple murders, or when the car crushes a 3-month-old child on the street. He has no information about crimes from south to north, where gangs are circulating with guns between cities, and police don?t know what is happening.

cna lajme aktualitetOur Prime Minister doesn?t know that drugs are distributed in schools. That drug oases are everywhere. That cocaine is drunk in the capital like a glass of whiskey in a bar.

Our Prime Minister does not know that the state police is incriminated. That at its head there are persons investigated for drug trafficking, or for drug storage. Or on persons associated with traffickers and criminals.

Our Prime Minister doesn?t know that Albania was covered with drugs. Our Prime Minister knows nothing about the destruction of national assets. When forest hills are destroyed, to ?plant? villas and concrete. When entire areas of public property are destroyed on the coast, which are seized by the clients of the government and the party.

cna denoncimeOur Prime Minister knows nothing. He is not aware of how over 600 million euros will be allegedly used for waste incineration in Albania, but in fact no incinerator is working. In fact, there is no incinerator in Tirana, although there is a contract of 430 million euros. But there are some sheet metal buildings in Fier or Elbasan that no one takes over.

Our Prime Minister knows nothing, when public debt has risen to the most frightening levels of 30 years of democracy. He knows nothing when millions of euros and billions of Lek from the income of Albanians go to concessions and government clients.

The Prime Minister doesn?t see how towers are built in Tirana, with or without a permit at all. Our Prime Minister only knows that he has made a Justice Reform and ?complains? why no one from the opposition is arrested, but only the thieves of his government and party end up in prison.

He seeks to encourage his subordinates. They don?t speak publicly today, because that owes Rama or anyone else about his cabinet. So they speak only in silence, privately. But tomorrow when Edi Rama is no longer in the chair of the prime minister, they will speak in front of the institutions and will say that our Prime Minister really knew a lot. But, he himself means that he knew nothing. We have a Prime Minister who doesn?t know anything about what is happening in our country./ CNA.al

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