"I took her as a bride and found her dead"/ Father's complaint: The daughter was killed by the groom and thrown from the balcony

2023-06-06 22:43:45, Denoncim CNA

"I took her as a bride and found her dead"/ Father's complaint:

"Stop" sheds light on a macabre event in Durrës, with a 24-year-old victim. Anisa Gjini, mother of a 3-year-old son, allegedly jumped from the third-floor balcony, where she lived with her husband, Alfred Gjini, and mother-in-law, Fahrije Gjini. But the father of the deceased is convinced that his daughter was killed by the violent man after a fight between the two.

"It's the worst thing he says to me, it's thrown away. That if it had been thrown, it would have been torn to shreds. From the third floor there should be no sign on the head except the crack, hands here, signs of violence, it made no sense. He was killed, along with his mother," said the father.

"Stop" secured the two testimonies, of Anisa's husband and mother-in-law.

Alfred says that he returned home around 18:00. At 19:00, they had dinner and then he was watching the Italy-Spain match.

Alfred Gjini says that at the moment when Spain scored a goal, he got up and saw Anisa in the bedroom talking on the phone.

He approached him and asked him who he was talking to. Anisa replied that she is talking to her aunt. At this moment, he takes her phone by force and goes to the bathroom to see who Anisa was talking to.

Alfredi declares that he passed through the bathroom window to the balcony and at that moment he heard the neighbors shouting, "Ra".

He came down the stairs quickly and saw his wife down unconscious. According to the statement, he did not wait for the ambulance, but took Anisa with his car to the hospital, where she was found dead.

"My daughter-in-law left me, 10 years old she left me. I raised her, took her as a bride, and took her dead from there. I can not. I took him dead ," says his father.

Meanwhile, the mother-in-law says that Alfredi and Anisa came home around 18:00. At 21:00 they had dinner together and there was no conflict.

Her son and daughter-in-law were watching the Italy-Spain match and the mother-in-law says that at this moment she was in the bathroom and saw the son with the daughter-in-law's phone in his hand and Anisa following him behind to give her the phone.

But he refused to return it. The mother-in-law says that Anisa got upset and ran to the balcony to jump.

In the two testimonies, of the husband and mother-in-law Fahrije Gjini, there is ambiguity and inconsistency of the event.

Alfredi declares that Anisa was in the bedroom when she saw him talking on the phone, while the mother-in-law declares that Anisa was watching the match with Alfredi.

The mother-in-law declares that Alfredi was on the balcony with Anisa's phone, while the son, Alfredi, says that he went into the bathroom and went out the window to the balcony and heard the neighbors calling that Anisa fell from the balcony.

Anisa's father says that he was notified 4 hours after the incident when his daughter was taken to the morgue.

"That day they took me at 1 o'clock in the morning, when the girl had been at the hospital at 10:00 p.m. At 1 in the night they took me and told me that this happened to us, "Anisa was killed". My son-in-law took me from the branch. After four hours that the girl was killed, she informed me that it was 1, 1 and 10 o'clock that the nephew ran away. After the grandson, we also ran away. I didn't get to see it. We found it in the morgue. Fight with yourself. I was forced to take it because I did the funeral. I never expected it. I raised those kids hard. I married them miraculously. It was after holding, it did, it killed me. He called me hatana. What did you say to me? I'd rather die and end my troubles than this," said his father.

"He once shot at his uncle because he was always arrogant, ungrateful because I didn't want that crown to be destroyed because I said the child's hatr." He said to me, come on, take me away. "O babush, listen to the dad, turn the way for the child's sake. Give way to the child's anger, there is no harm in his behavior. O father, this old woman can't stand it. O father, he can't stand the shame of this in the neighborhood". I can't anymore and I regret what I couldn't get", says the father when asked about problems the daughter may have had with her husband.  

He talks about marks on Anisa's body, which add to the suspicion of murder. Regarding the Durres police procedure, there are many question marks.

"They had free time, they know how they did their calculations. I don't forgive him for saying that the oyster has been thrown. I don't forgive him as long as I live. That if my girl had been thrown, she would have been thrown together with her little nephew because there was no mother husband to separate them. These kinds of signs are not thrown away. There is none here. There is only one impact mark. Ribs would have been broken," said his father.

There are only 4 photos in the record of the event by OPGJ of Durrës, Shkëlqim Osmani. He did not do a detailed check inside the house to see if there was a fight, traces of blood or other evidence that would serve the investigation.

"No home inspection was done. What took him to the hospital? By bike? How come the police didn't do a check in there. The nephew told him what he took him with, I don't know, he said. The foreign man was an officer. How did this work? So fast. It's not all fake. My child's blood is not to be bought or sold as long as I live. As long as I'm alive! What he did to my child he will suffer for the rest of his life. Just as I am crying for days, the time will come and he will cry too. Just like I can't stay without going to the grave one day, I can't stay, I've lost a child, an angel...", says the father./tvklan

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