18-year-old divorced and with a sick baby/ The young woman's story: I get into debt, I can't even buy milk for my son

2023-06-02 22:10:02, Denoncim CNA

18-year-old divorced and with a sick baby/ The young woman's story: I get

"Stop" went to Kombinat after Ilda Rryçko, 18 years old, mother of a 5-month-old baby, asked for the show's help. She says that she is divorced from her husband and lives with her parents. But Ilda has no income to support her sick baby.

Ilda Rryçko: I asked for help for my 5-month-old son and I had no income, I am divorced. I have no contact with my husband at all and I had no opportunity for my son. She was born prematurely, I was 6 months old, I stayed in the hospital for 3 weeks.

Reporter: What's the problem?

Ilda Rryçko: There is a hernia in the navel, there is also a bag of water that irritates her a lot, it is like fat in the navel, it is very big. That bag of water climbs up. The surgeon told me that when he is 3 years old, we should operate on him if it doesn't go away.

Ilda Rryçko: With mom and dad.

Journalist: Do you continue school?

Journalist: Do you have any help from your ex-husband?

Ilda Rryçko: As much as possible, help me. It's not that he answers me often, but he helps me whenever he can. Because of this, we broke up because there was no opportunity, it didn't work.

Journalist: What about your family's income?

Ilda Rryçko: Even these do not have a good income. Dad works in the parking lot, mom is in surgery. Borrow. At first I was breastfeeding my son. When I left the hospital, my breasts were completely gone from the stress, I started formula, but I couldn't get by with formula because it's expensive, and I started milk. I can't make it because this bin takes me one day, the next day it takes the other bin. I got the diapers cheap, in pieces. I am asking for help from the show "Stop" until the boy is 3 years old to feed himself.

After the young woman's appeal, "Stop" and "Fundjavë Ndryshe" help the 18-year-old with food, clothes and diapers. While the citizen, Gëzim Beka donates 100 Euro./ tvklan

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