The issues that predetermine tenders/ How they developed at the University of Medicine

2023-05-24 21:20:41, Denoncim CNA

The issues that predetermine tenders/ How they developed at the University of

Today, the show "Stop" dealt with tendering procedures and how they are applied in Albanian institutions. The economic expert, Vjoldi Danaj, showed that the cancellation of the tender procedure, the predetermined winners and the same fund as the limit fund, are some of the phenomena that imply the regularity of the tenders.

"A state tender is when a state institution asks a private individual to make available its material capacity and its knowledge or skills to realize either a service or even an investment. Unfortunately, the tenders do not respect the legal procedure. So that the announcement is made, the necessary evaluations are expected and made by the bodies or commissions that evaluate the tender and then the winners are announced. In our country, tenders often start at the end. The company that should win the tender is decided, the company receives the necessary information, the criteria and it is compiled in such a way that the winner is predetermined. Then we have other companies that have met these criteria that are suing the state.

From the economic point of view, it is a double damage as it is the money of the courts and on the other hand, the money is oriented to go necessarily to that specific company. A very important tendering criterion is the monetary value. So a maximum value is set, but which the bidding companies should not be aware of because it means that they reach that value. Consideration must be given to state lowest bid laws. What's happening? The winning company has won the prize as planned. This means that we have had an information leak. It cannot happen that the companies are point for point with the value that is predicted. This means that it was abused here," said Danaj.

"Stop" stopped at the tenders of the University of Medicine, with the tender for the reconstruction of the halls of the rectorate and the roof of the university, which the company won with an economic offer very close to the limit fund, despite the fact that another operator had a better offer. low. 

"We all understand that this operator's offer is not the most favorable as the difference is ridiculous with the limit fund that the institution has set", said the journalist.

In relation to the disqualification of two other economic operators, this happened because one did not invest funds, while the other, which had a better offer, did not submit the contracts and workbooks to the University of Medicine.

The other tender for the supply and installation of air conditioners was won by an operator with offices in Gjirokastër and with an economic offer very close to the limit fund.

Meanwhile, the other 4 operators with the best offers have been disqualified with trumped-up offers.

The argument used by the University of Medicine was the non-fulfillment of the criteria according to the standard tender documents. It is about a lack of technical and economic capacity of these operators./ tvklan

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