How to drive away jinn, devils and black magic, with a chant

2023-05-19 21:40:00, Denoncim CNA
How to drive away jinn, devils and black magic, with a chant

Let us show you how you can get rid of black magic, jinn, devils, and any supernatural power that has possessed you for only 100 euros as a start.

In Macedonia there is a person who claims to cure all these by singing the surahs of the Koran and normally asking for money for this.

Despite the fact that not everyone follows the religion, it is known that no money is taken by profiting from it.

We met this pseudo-hoxha himself, in Kosovo, to understand more about his "business".

After we meet with the "hoxha", he tells us in detail about the chanting of the surahs of the Koran, or in other words 'ruqe'.

After trying several times to remove the jinn from the girl's body, the old man is getting tired and tells us that there is no magic.

But after some insistence he would sing the 'ruq' again to get the devil out of his soul.

And it's finally paying off, as the girl begins to have the tremors that are claimed to be the moment the stubborn genie comes out, according to Hoxha. He gets overjoyed thinking that his method has worked. He approaches the girl, punching her directly in the stomach, saying that finally this stubborn genie came out of the girl's body, and that the magic that was done was very old and they poisoned her with food.

And from not being sick that the girl was, after 5 minutes she becomes extremely sick and is freed after the genie comes out. Hoxha tells us that the situation is very bad, and that we should go to Macedonia directly. And that 6 more ruqas should be sung in addition to the medicines that we need to consume in order to recover completely. After the girl was "healed", for what he did, we send him the 100 euros he was looking for to make this "healing".

And in these moments we decide to face more to understand why this individual uses religion with people who have faith in these people when nothing seems to be going right for you anymore.

They seek help from these people, feeling weak and being used by these people who have turned it into a business.

But when people realize that these fraudsters use them in the worst way, when they realize it is too late./ Syri.net

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