He has owned the property for several years, but the next buyer shows up with a police officer

2023-05-10 21:11:09, Denoncim CNA

He has owned the property for several years, but the next buyer shows up with a

The show "Stop" was on "Todi Shkurti" street in Tirana. Loli Beqiraj said that in 2012 he bought a premises from the company "2Al sh.pk", with administrator Artan Sherif.

The lady says she has a sales contract, a notarial declaration and indicative maps. All these years he has been using the property, as he has also developed a business there, billiards and then Eurolotto.

She says that the only mistake she made was not registering this contract in the Cadastre.

"Since 2012 until today I use this property. To be honest, our ignorance, that we were not informed about the laws because we live abroad, we work there. I know that I bought a property in 2012", said the whistleblower.

In 2017, the police came to the premises of the lotto and escorted the employee, after another gentleman came out claiming the property. The lady went to report the seller to Economic Crime.

The seller was wanted and then caught after making multiple sales twice. The lady asks why the person with the ownership certificate has never appeared in the premises he is supposed to have bought.

"The worker was in the store, the police took him and took him to the police station. When I saw that there were two buyers, I turned to Economic Crime and denounced the building's builder. I was not able to communicate with the owner because he was wanted because he deceived a lot of people who had sold the properties two or three times. I want to know, this person who has this ownership certificate since 2017, why has he allowed me to work until 2023? Why was it never presented before me", said the whistleblower.

Because of this problem, since April, the lady has been bothered every day by police officers.

"The boy was in the shop, fixing it, painting it. The OPGJ officer and someone else come in and tell him to stay there because you occupied the property", said the whistleblower.

Boy: I want to go outside! My shop! I want to get out of the room! Open up, let's get out of the room a little!

OPGJ: Give me the documents! You must come here!

Boy: I won't give you any documents, because I don't have them with me.

OPGJ: Yes, the State Police, friend!

OPGJ: There is no need to film!

"They took the patrol and took the boy upstairs. He told me to go get the documents and show them. They kept him for 5-6 hours without explanation, without anything. When the boy declared that I am on my property. IKMT came and verified this property and declared that there is no construction without a permit. They inform me that the almighty was in front of my shop and broke the lock. Unauthorized people and people I don't know have entered and changed my lock because the police, the almighty, was presented with a certificate of ownership from these people where they declare that we have lost the keys to this property and therefore we will change the lock. From the "Stop" show, I ask that the police leave me alone and that the court and the prosecution deal with this matter. As an Albanian citizen of this country, I am not to blame for the fact that an owner who built a large building, sold the property two or three times. it is impossible for me to solve it. Now I found out and it is impossible. I gave the money for this property and this property is mine."said the whistleblower.

What raises the question is why the second buyer has appeared so late. "Stop" published the sales contract drawn up by notary Edlira Hyseni on November 26, 2012 between Artan Sherif, the seller, and Olaf Beqiraj, the husband of the complainant. The total amount is 55 thousand Euros.

In the same notary, the sales contract was made between the same seller but with different buyers, Artur Dadaj and Ervin Bistri. This was signed on May 3, 2012.

According to this contract, several properties worth 510,000 Euros were sold, of which only 500,000 Euros were liquidated. The contract was signed a few months earlier than the contract of the whistleblower in "Stop".

The journalist of "Stop" communicated on the phone with the police officer who was present in the premises of the bar when the lock was changed, but he did not accept it. However, a video shows the opposite.

Journalist: Who changed the lock of this room?

OPGJ: I don't know, who changed the lock. To my knowledge, both parties have filed a report at the police station.

Reporter: You were here with three other people.

OPGJ: I'm telling you, I don't know who changed the lock.

Journalist: So why were you here without a patrol?

OPGJ: I go everywhere. I was there with the patrol, because they informed us about a conflict and then we moved according to the sector. I have the duty to control the territory, for any kind of problem.

Journalist: What does territorial control include, to come to an environment? With what order do you come?

OPGJ: I don't have any doors, please.

Journalist: What did you do in this environment?

OPGJ: What did I do in that environment? I saw there was no problem and ran away.

Complainant: We spoke on the phone, I was in Italy and you told me that I am in front of your building and three people that I don't know presented me with a certificate of ownership and told you that we are the owners of this building, we lost the keys and we want we opened it and you allowed them. That's what you confirmed on the phone.

OPGJ: Yes, we spoke on the phone. No no no!

"Stop" we went to police station no. 1 in Tirana.

Employee: That premises has a certificate of ownership and has two different names. Those citizens appeared at the police station and filed a report regarding their property and the materials were referred to the prosecutor's office.

Journalist: Then, why do the police officers go there day after day, to take them out and tell them you occupied the property, built without permission, etc..?

Journalist: They go to the environment for this lady.

Employee: It belongs to someone else.

Journalist: What happens when the lady shows you a sales contract?

Employee: The property is recognized by the certificate of ownership.

Journalist: You don't solve this problem.

Employee: OK! To go to court, to solve it.

Journalist: You don't bring it out without a court decision, that this lady has to go out.

Employee: The offense is classified, referred to the prosecution. What article the prosecutor puts on them, that is their business.

Journalist: Yes, police officers no longer have the right to go there.

Employee: The police employee has no duty to open, close locks, or let people out.

Reporter: Ok, thank you!/ tvklan

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