Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ The file "sleeps" for 22 months in the Pogradec Prosecutor's Office

2023-05-08 21:15:48, Denoncim CNA

Denunciation of Fiks Fare/ The file "sleeps" for 22 months in the

Fiks Fare denounced the actions of the former Pogradec Prosecutor's Office, which kept a file in the drawer for 22 months without executing it.

In February 2023, Fiks Fare dealt with a problem in the Prosecutor's Office of Korça, which had forgotten a file in the drawer. Kastriot Islamaj complained that the Korca Prosecutor's Office did not send the decision to the Probation Service on time, which prevented him from moving freely. The Prosecution and the Probation Service admitted that the "fault" was the prosecution's.

Meanwhile, another complaint came to the editorial office of Fiks Fare, again about a prosecution body in the southeast of Albania, in Pogradec.

"Hello, a little while ago you covered a case in your show when a citizen from the Korça area was informed of the court's decision about a year late. I also have the same problem. I was sentenced to probation in January 2021. The decision was final. The clarification of the decision was made in the month of November 2022, two years later after the decision took a final form," Kejvi Velo, 27, declared for Fiks Fare.

Fiks Fare has secured the practice of Kejvi Velo. On January 11, 2021, the Court of Pogradec sentenced him to 4 years of probation. In one of the clauses of the provision, it is written that "it must be sent and executed from the day after the announcement of the decision". The decision became final on January 27, 2021. But not only did it not go to the Probation Service, but it was sent to this service after a full 22 months. The Service began operations after this date, which forces Kayvi to appear in this Service until November 2026, when it should have ended in January 2025!

The Court, the Probation Service and the Prosecutor's Office of Pogradec are only 15 meters away from each other. Only a simple courier could receive the court's decision, take it to the prosecutor's office, and the prosecutor's office issue the execution order. But this procedure lasted a full 22 months.

Fiksi went and got interested in the Probation Service in Pogradec, where he talked with Mrs. Suela Llakmani, director of this Service. She says that the decision was given in January 2021 and as a rule it should be taken to the Service from the day after the announcement. The Probation Service is set in motion after the execution order issued by the prosecution. Llakmani says that this order went to her in November 2022, almost 2 years later. It specifies that the order is in the name of Mr. Neritan Hoxha, head of this prosecution. There are also the papers and he immediately set in motion and notified the convict. Llakmani says the condition ends in 2026 when it should have ended in January 2025.

After this answer, Fiksi also went to the former Prosecutor's Office of Pogradec, which has already been closed and the files will be transferred to the Prosecutor's Office of Korça. The journalists asked the prosecutor Neritan Hoxha, who at the same time was the leader of this charge. The employees stated that the prosecutor was in court, while Fiksi also made a request for information to this prosecutor's office. After a few days, the prosecutor Neritan Hoxha stated that the fault that the file was kept for 22 months in that charge is the former prosecutor Shkëlqim Kokona, who was dismissed from Vetingu.

" In January 2021, the Court of Pogradec declared him guilty and the prosecutor of the case was Shkëlqim Kokona. From the verifications carried out, it turned out that the decision had become final on January 27, 2021, but the prosecutor of the case had not issued an execution order, neither for the conditional sentence nor for the other parts of the decision. Under these conditions, the head of the prosecution issued the execution order on November 3, 2022. We inform you that the Prosecutor Shkëlqim Kokona has continuously had a problem regarding his failure to issue execution orders, problems which it was also referred to the ILD" this answer says.

It is further clarified that these were one of the reasons found in the disciplinary proceedings against this Prosecutor.

" With decision No. 411 of December 17, 2021, the KLP has decided to issue the disciplinary measure 'dismissal' for magistrate Shkëlqim Kokona ", concludes the answer of prosecutor Neritan Hoxha./ tch

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