"Put your hand down because you killed our mother, ok..!"/ OPGJ receives 400 Euros to close the case

2023-05-09 21:23:43, Denoncim CNA

"Put your hand down because you killed our mother, ok..!"/ OPGJ

A citizen from Berat denounces to "Stop", the OPGJ in this city, Ledion Ferzaj. The citizen says that official Ferzaj is blackmailing him with the investigation of an event, asking him for money to close it.

In January 2023, the complainant together with his friend brought 4 vehicles from Germany. The co-owner of the cars, who lives in Germany, has kept the original documents of the vehicles.

At the moment when the whistleblower sells a vehicle and waits for the documents, his accomplice blocks them.

"I did not know the history of these, I gave them the right of God. Someone came to buy the trailers. Ask me, do you have documents? Yes, he said, but I want customs. I get my friend on the phone and he said he will start, I have deregistered the license plates, etc. This friend blocked me," said the informant.

Our informant goes to his girlfriend, to ask for communication about the documents of the car sold. The girlfriend of the business partner reports the situation to the Police of Berat.

"He does not speak to any of the tribe, to anyone. The only thing he talks about is talking to a girlfriend. Now, because we have a child, when my husband says that the documents will arrive in a week, a month has passed, I went and told him to open my phone because he has blocked me. That sounds good to me. He denounced me then as if I offended him. No connection point. I got in touch with Ledion Ferzaj, OPGJ of Berat", said the informant.

At this moment, the OPGj, Ledion Ferzaj, blackmails the informant with prison, as there are previous precedents.

"He went to the door himself. He told me that the conversation went badly. She went to the prosecutor's office ", explained the informant.

Ledion Ferzaj: The district prosecutor did not talk. How is this conversation, - he told me. And I explain to him. In short, I told him, "he's a good guy, he's a slave, so that's why we'll help him, I told him"... Ok! he said. If it had been someone else, I swear by that water, you couldn't have thrown up to 2 thousand Euros, they would have put their chests in with conviction, that we both eat bread with meatballs, that we are a people. They saw 150 Euros, 200 Euros for lunch, no chance. Now let's judge how to shower. I don't make you a philosopher, nor... that you're a fool, who lives on the streets.

The informant tells how he took 100,000 old Lek from under the pillow of his 84-year-old mother, to give to OPGJ.

"I told Ledio I don't have one, I've done my father's year, I have my sister now. I told him that we are living people, drink your blood. He gave me a deadline of 3:30. Mom had 100,000 Lek from her pension. My mother was hospitalized, I used to say, mother, do you have any money? Imagine where you are. Mom tells me you have 100,000 Lek under the pillow. I told him these 100 thousand Lek. It is not a question, he told me, what to say to the prosecutor. Ledio wanted a hand. I want at least 400, he told me", said the whistleblower for "Stop".

Ledion Ferzaj: As far as I'm concerned, you're clever, you've become the world's prison. I'll finish you once! You are a piece of shit, just like I am. I have made other people's careers. They are directors, there are others, they call me for letters, you have made other people's prison. Do you understand me? Now we are two empty girls and we talk...She is p*dh rr*bshe...Listen Ledio! Now with your papers, I want you to get asylum in Germany. There's a video there in the store, it's there as evidence and it's evidence for the court. O friend! She is a type of woman who uses the situation to get asylum. He demanded an account from me, when I was receiving the report... But who are you, who are you?

But the latter asked for 400 Euros, to close the case with the prosecutor. During the meeting, the police officer reveals that Boll has worked for the careers of others while taking Euros asking to be careful.

Ledion Ferzaj: Now she has decided that she will play this conversation of hers, she will go, she will meet the foreign man (prosecutor) I will tell him so and so, and this case is gone. When he comes from Germany, we have other conversations with him. In this case, the practice of this case is gone. If you wanted it, if you didn't want it, then find it with others...

Whistleblower: Yes, no, no, no...Okay, yes, this is crazy. It comes from nowhere...

Ledion Ferzaj: It is, it is not, she is a sister.

Reporter: Oh boss! Should I keep a 50 Euro, because I don't have any Lek?

Ledion Ferzaj: Why? Put your hand down because you killed our mother! Ore, put your hand down, because you called our mother, okay! Are you stupid? Hold, hold! how many are 250 euros! You're a bitch, you're an idiot..!/tvklan

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