Throwing oil on the street of Prrenjas / The police chief opens his mouth in front of the journalist: Does it hurt you? To make them a slave

2023-05-11 21:06:34, Denoncim CNA

Throwing oil on the street of Prrenjas / The police chief opens his mouth in

A news about the intentional dumping of oil on Prrenjas street is repeatedly broadcast. Even in the editorial office of the "Stop" show, numerous complaints have been received about an event that takes place on the road axis from 'Pengu Oil' towards Qafë Thana.

Citizens say that oil is thrown on this road, causing cars to slide and citizens to risk their lives.

The claims of the citizens are related to the employees of the service stations and car dealers, who, according to the whistleblowers, throw the oil for profit in order to damage the cars and fix them there.

Stopi: I crashed the car, since morning.

Stopi: I went off the road, slipped, when we were returning from...

Stopi: No, it wasn't raining. I don't even know...

Citizen: Up in Qafë Thane?

Citizen: They throw oil. They throw oil. Burnt car oil, thrown to crash.

Stopi: But who throws it, man?

Citizen: Throw these wheelbarrows. They throw oil, to be hit.

Stopi: But the area of ??Prrenjas captures them, right?

Citizen: Yes, those from Prrenja throw it.

Stopi: There was a gas station there, which had carts, some 3-4 carts. Just past the turn.

Citizen: They throw it away. They throw oil on the road and it is not visible at all.

Stopi: I wanted to ask you, because last night my husband had a car accident. He says that there is oil on the road, that's why I had an accident.

Employee: In what country did it happen?

Employee: There is one over there with a wheelchair. It also makes vaki.

Employee: Those who have that wheelchair...

With a hidden camera, "Stop" met the owner of the service, who does shopping, to take the car to Tirana and then suggests that the car be fixed there. There were also other cars in line, which had slipped on the road and had stopped at the service station.

Stopi: How did you go? These wheelchairs, you know, where are they?

Stopi: How much does it cost to take a car in Qafë-Thane, to take it to Tirana?

Employee: The car doesn't work at all?

Stopi: I'm afraid to walk with that.

Employee: No, no, they do it here in the service, don't you have any idea?

Stopi: I don't know, because I don't understand much.

Employee: Well, let's go and get it. We go to two or three service stations, that we can find something... what did you break, radiator, or bumper, or...? And this one was dislodged, the tires were torn, the hydraulic radiator was cracked.

Stopi: Even the one from the slide?

Employee: Yes, from the slide.

Stop: All the way with oil. Those who throw it do well, because that's how they go here in our country... all those accidents.

Employee: Round! Here's how I have them. I took two pieces in the morning, in Qukës there. I will take them to Elbasan.

Stopi: Even those from the slide?

Employee: From the slide, yes!

Citizen 1: Was your car badly damaged? Do you need a wheelchair?

Stopi: Yes, but it costs a lot, so... I didn't know how I got off the road.

Citizen 3: They poured oil there.

Citizen 1: What place, at the turn?

Citizen 1: Yes, oil... These are the barges passing by.

Stopi: These carts, that...

Citizens state that they have addressed the police officers, but no one is held accountable. "Stop" we went to the Përrenjas police station, where we talked with the commander Emin Spaholli.

The latter says that they went to the alleged oil dumping site, but found no traces of oil and cleared the road. Even though he says that he heard from his colleagues that oil is thrown there, the case was still not followed up.

At the end, when the chief policeman thinks he has hung up, he can be heard insulting the journalists with street language.

Journalist: Mr. Emin, hello.

Journalist: Viola Lito, a journalist from the show "Stop", worries you.

Journalist: Actually, I went to the police station because of the complaints we have about the Qafë Thana road, from Pengu Oil, to Qafë Thana, about the oil they throw on the road. Do you know about this?

Emin Spaholli: We were there yesterday, we dealt with that work, but they reported to me that it was not oil. It was from the humidity. That Thana Neck is endangered. A dew of rain, it becomes like butter, it slides.

Journalist: One of the complaints we have is that carts and service stations dump oil there and it stays there for a long time.

Emin Spaholli: Well, maybe it could have happened before, but yesterday it wasn't like that.

Journalist: You will investigate at least to know that you, with the two or three orientations you may have, find out who removes the oil?

Emin Spaholli: Okay, okay, we have that job. We will look at it.

Journalist: You had complaints only yesterday?

Emin Spaholli: About this period yesterday, because I was not there. I was in command in Elbasan and I started yesterday. There have been earlier times before.

Journalist: Has it been humid before?

Emin Spaholli: There was also oil spilling. We washed them with the fire extinguisher, fixed them.

Journalist: The idea is to find them, to prevent them, to take measures.

Emin Spaholli: Okay, okay, I agree! That's not your job. We have the tasks.

Journalist: Yes, but you have to implement the tasks, not we tell you to implement them.

Emin Spaholli: Does it hurt you a lot?

Journalist: Yes, more than you hurt us.

Journalist: If you were in pain, you would have taken the measures.

Emin Spaholli: We are chasing him, we have him...

Journalist: Okay, we will come back again.

Emin Spaholli: Come on...! To cut them, to kill them.. slave!

Journalist: Commander, at least curse me to my face or the way you have the phone, don't curse after you hang up the phone.

Journalist: You are a commander, don't say those words to me. Where are you?

Emin Spaholli: I will come from lunch there.

Journalist: From lunch? Now, now, where are you?

Emin Spaholli: Now I'm away!

Reporter: And tell me that word since you are far away?

Emin Spaholli: What did I say, what did I say?

Journalist: What word did you say when you hung up the phone?

Emin Spaholli: Nothing! I said how much trouble we have, we will also give explanations to journalists!

Journalist: That's all you said? That I have recorded that he said another word.

Emin Spaholli: Okay, okay!

Emin Spaholli: Oh, I'm old, your father can be...

Journalist: When you watch it on the show, you'll get a little sense of who you've been with and get sober.

Emin Spaholli: Good, good...!/ tvklan

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