1.5 million Lek to start working as a school sanitation worker/ Municipality employee: It's not just me...

2023-05-23 21:14:30, Denoncim CNA

1.5 million Lek to start working as a school sanitation worker/ Municipality

Today, the program "Stop" dealt with the case of the employee of the General Directorate of Public Facilities near the Municipality of Tirana, Erjon Buçuku, who employed the agent of "Stop" as a school guard after a payment. But after a few days, Buçuku came with a new offer.

He called her again to inform her that there is a vacancy at the "Mihal Grameno" school for sanitation. This time, 1.5 million Lek must be paid, since the sanitary workers have the highest salary.

Citizen: Good! How are you? Whats up?

Erjon Buçuku: Listen! On March 1, a place for sanitation opens at the "Mihal Grameno" school, which is in unit 2.

Citizen: To "Mihal Grameno"?

Erjon Buçuku: Yes! Now, I don't know if you care?

Erjon Buçuku: "Mihal Grameno" is at... right at municipal unit no. 2, back. In a word to the former electric market.

Citizen: Go to the former electric market.

Citizen: There? Well, we have it close. It's good.

Erjon Buçuku: You are close, but the problem is that for that...

Erjon Buçuku: No, for that you need 1.5 (million lek) not 1!

Erjon Buçuku: Because the sanitary workers have it, they have the highest salary.

Erjon Buçuku: Yes, sanitary facilities can cost you up to 370,000 Lek-380,000 Lek and the problem is that for sanitary facilities, it is very difficult.

Citizen: 1 million and a half huh?

Citizen: Ok! Many thanks!

Erjon Buçuku: Choose a job with him then! Find things yourself, chat! Just tell me, give me an answer, so that I know, because I'm telling you first, since I had a contact with you, and then about other people. Because there are many coveted places, they love them, because women enter and because schools are off for a month, they get a month off, not Saturdays, Sundays, not the holidays during April, not the holidays before the New Year. Do you understand me? They are also almost closed and many days off throughout the year and that's why they love it.

Erjon Buçuku: Ok? See things for yourself and tell me!

Citizen: Run away, because you want to go there (to school) directly!

Even, according to him, in this story he is not alone, but with others.

Citizen: Good morning! How are you?

Erjon Buçuku: Then the place is for "Mihal Grameno" school.

Erjon Buçuku: It is a place for toilets. The toilets work normally, they clean in schools, normally the contract is open-ended, which will be done. This place opens on March 1st, because one is retiring. The salary is somewhere around 36-37 thousand ALL. It's work, which normally, then the director charges them. You have them separated by spaces, by classes.

Erjon Buçuku: The idea is that if you manage yourself so that you start there, you have all the possibilities to retire, because no one bothers you. If you are dedicated, if you are a person who follows the rules, you are ok, the director has no concern, no problem. You don't have any kind of problem, because I have all these dependent on me. I am the person, that whatever they have, be it for the guards or for the sanitary, they will come to me.

Citizen: Now, as a job, I love it. Gxxx also told me about the part of the lek, somewhere if I'm not mistaken, 1 and a half million. 1 million and a half!

Erjon Buçuku: Yes! Things close at the beginning and close there. Everything is closed, so that both you and us, in a word, do the procedures that may be needed! Let's close things, as it is to close and you then continue your work! It's not that it's just one person, there are several, that conversation ends there and everyone, you in your work, they in their work and...

Citizen: So you need all of them in the beginning?

Erjon Buçuku: The seats will start, 1 will enter, 2 will enter, 3 will enter, do you understand? And the idea is, if you share something with me, you say ok, this conversation is closed. Let's close things in advance and I reserve and hold that place. You will receive the order of appointment, that you are appointed. You will also make the contract, you have everything. Then for whatever kind of thing I'm telling you…

Erjon Buçuku: And, what comes out of my mouth, I am your guarantor and you have no business with anyone else. So, as far as I speak, I speak because it is my field, that I cover it and I am competent for that thing myself, that I have things in hand and that is why I am telling you like this, like this...

Citizen: No other option, to pay like this in two installments, no thing?

Erjon Buçuku: I don't know how to tell you, because.., because it's not just me. No, I don't know what to say from this side, because I'm not the only one and I'm telling you that.., if I were alone, I would say "brother, you have noi rob, come on in", no.. I didn't have to absolutely nothing, so... We have a problem with the part, because a good part is also introduced because they come..., because here, who comes, comes with political appointments, people who are from the state and so on do not come. It came from the road, in a word, that is, that you don't find that space and come old age, the age, who retire, on the verge of retirement and no, they don't have power, not here, but there, and for the part of these young people, who come with a word, is something very positive for us.

Citizen: Ok! Understand! OK then! Thank you! /tvclan

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