Fiks Fare/ "They killed me for the second time", the confession of the father who cannot accept the body of the 20-year-old son killed in Sweden

2023-05-23 20:58:03, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare/ "They killed me for the second time", the confession of the

The father of a 20-year-old boy, killed in Sweden, accused the Albanian state institutions of not helping him.

Alket Spaho told the investigative show Fiks Fare that the Albanian Embassy in Sweden, Stockholm, was not aware of the incident. In fact, the Albanian diplomats learned about the murder from the victim's father and not from other sources. The scandal deepens further for the investigation procedures, as the family members have not been allowed to travel to Sweden. The Albanian Embassy is still negotiating with the Swedish authorities for the travel permit, while the dead body is in a morgue in Karlstad, and the family has no help or monetary value to receive it.

" The boy's name is Lauren Spaho and he went to Sweden for a better life. The event happened on May 6, while the boy died 1 day later in the hospital in the city of Karlstad, Sweden. He went in to separate a friend when he was shot" - says his father Alket Spaho.

He further asserts that 5 people have been arrested for the incident, 2 of whom are still in prison. He further claims that the Swedish authorities have notified the Albanian Police and the latter the family.

Fiks Fare/ "They killed me for the second time", the confession of the

However, Alketi and his family have repeatedly asked for help from the Albanian Embassy in Sweden, which has not even informed them about the serious event. "Instead of them taking us on the phone, we took them. They knew nothing! We asked for information about what happened, about the boy's body. When will they bring it to us? We contacted the Swedes and they told us that for 1 week. But those from the Embassy tell us for 1 month. They are killing our son for the second time, this is the second murder. The state is not helping us. They tell us you will pay the expenses. They cost over 30,000 euros. We ask for support, we have opened the mortuary doors, but we cannot mourn the boy," he says.

After the complaint, the victim's father calls the numbers of the Albanian Embassy in Sweden, where he asks for assistance, since none of the family members are in Sweden. He asked to go to Sweden, but they did not allow him. "At the moment we do not have any kind of communication with the police, they are following the case. We did what we could do to talk to the police, to clarify on our side," says an embassy employee. Alketi then asks her to get official information about the forensic report, as the employee tells her that "we communicated via phone call! Do you want a written request? We make a request in writing".

Fiks Fare/ "They killed me for the second time", the confession of the

" I spoke with the police, the police promised me that as soon as they receive an answer clarifying how much the delivery costs, how the delivery will be made, etc., etc., they will contact us. Not only to you, but also to us. The process takes at least 30 days. The family is informed, as they have informed you, and the moment the case is resolved, all the documents are sent to the family, " says the employee, who adds that "the Embassy contacted the local authorities at the time you called me." The father of the deceased asked the Embassy to negotiate with the Swedish state for him to travel to that country. " In terms of appearing in court, it is possible that you will be granted a visa to appear. But that's when the process goes to trial, not before ," he says, as a consul calls him on the phone.

" Neither I, nor we, can do anything about this " - says the diplomat first. Then, Alketi asks why the Embassy did not have information about the event. "Because no one has reported it to us, sir, we have no way of knowing. Either the institutions contact us, or the citizens themselves contact us," the consulate replies. He further asserts that the costs of bringing the body should be covered by the family and not by the Albanian state.

Fiks Fare/ "They killed me for the second time", the confession of the

Fiksi contacts the numbers of the Embassy, ??asking why the embassy does not contact the Swedish authorities to allow Alketi to travel to Sweden to deal with the case. The consul says that Alketi has been expelled and that he needs a special permit.

" We have discussed this part and we have also presented to the Swedish side how we can find a solution if a special type of permit can be made based on the case that the person comes. But this thing is in the process, we have not received confirmation yet, " says the Consulate.

Journalists ask her if the Embassy has made a request, while she answers that "we are in the process". Regarding the transportation of the victim, the Embassy claims that the expenses are borne by the family and the Embassy has no authority to deal with such procedures. He says that they will give the victim's passports as a matter of urgency./ tch

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