The employee of the municipality receives a million lek bribe for a job as a school guard

2023-05-23 21:09:03, Denoncim CNA

The employee of the municipality receives a million lek bribe for a job as a

The hidden camera of the show "Stop" shows with sound and image how the employee of the General Directorate of Public Facilities near Tirana Municipality, Erjon Buçuku, takes bribes to secure a job.

Erjon Buçuku: What do the jobs say? Are you at work or not?

Citizen: No man, what are you doing?!

Erjon Buçuku: Where did you work? In what country?

Citizen: I've worked different jobs, man. I was out of state.

Erjon Buçuku: What education do you have?

Erjon Buçuku: Currently, I have only one, a vacant position, which is a guard at a school, the "Ardian Klosi" school, which is at the end of the "5 May" street. Now I don't know if you care about the guard place there?

Citizen: How is it? I mean the schedules, these..?

Erjon Buçuku: The payment is 325 thousand Lek, which he receives with insurance. It is said that the minimum wage will increase again before the elections, which are. The schedule, which is in schools, because these are schools, which have only one guard, is only in the morning.

Citizen: That is, from 8 o'clock.

Erjon Buçuku: So... if not 8, 7 with 3, 8 with 4, it depends, how they can have it.

Citizen: Yes, great. It's not two shifts, that I heard...

Erjon Buçuku:No, it's not two-shift, because actually high schools have two shifts, because they have two guards. Whereas the 9-year-old schools have only 1 guard and they are only in the morning and then part of the afternoon, and the cameras have covered them. (Talks on the phone with the school principal) Yes, I have the number, principal, I have the number, yes. How are you? No later than Friday. Maximum, maximum, maximum, Monday, you will have the new employee there. It is not that everything I have is in my hands. Here are some people, who reach it and until yesterday they had... kept it quiet... up the piazza. Now, since there are things that I can have space to intervene and talk about that thing, they are asking for 1 million Lek. The part you will enter. Now place there, if you want to enter, if you want to accept, now see things for yourself! Weigh things yourself, but you don't have a lot of time, because the problem is that here are the places that come, fight, are coveted. In a word, more or less, I tell people I know like this, up and down before others come in, that…

Erjon Buçuku: Because they start and then break, and the balances also break. The other says "no problem, order double"! And let's go to someone else, the other sticks the tail of the other and they run away. Then your contract is open-ended, which means that you are open-ended, it starts even if you then make yourself, so that they fire you, or even fire you.

Erjon Buçuku: Documents are documents, which you do all the time, a school certificate, a medical report, that you are able to work, a criminal record, these are the certificates you get from e-Albania. Also a bank account at Cxxxxxx bank. It's not about the documentation. The problem is, I just want you to share the thing with me, because when I tell him, I'll tell him that you're done and then I won't say anything, because I'm also bad at that thing and the next one comes, that …

Citizen: Well, let's talk a little with a friend I have in Germany to close it.

Erjon Buçuku: Do you know why I say it? That it is in your best interest, because here who entered the schools, the sanitary facilities, that I had spaces and some of these guards, have retired from that job, that no one lives with 320 thousand Lek, that they do other jobs and you have the advantage that you can go at 7 o'clock and leave at 3 o'clock. Do you understand me? Or 8 to 4. It depends on how you will deal with the director. Close your job and you are…

Citizen: Good! I will answer back!

Erjon Buçuku: Shall we leave it like this?

Citizen: Yes, I will answer!

Erjon Buçuku: When will you answer me?

Citizen: Talk to him, that friend is at work. Understand?

Citizen: I don't believe it, he will help me, that's for sure.

Erjon Buçuku: Because, when I was with you, as soon as she (the director) picked me up on the phone, she said, "What are you going to do with the guard?" that conversation". What the moment does, situations come. It's gone, things are gone and then I can't program them, because you're no longer in this mind and I'm no longer in these spaces, so...

The amount paid is 1 million Lek for a school guard job at the 9-year-old school "Ardian Klosi".

Citizen: Yes, yes, okay. I said, since yesterday...

Citizen: I took these (money). Should I give it now or later? When will...?

Erjon Buçuku: No, you will give it to me now, who will carry out the procedure, all of it!

Citizen: Ok! I'm giving it to you now! how many are I don't remember them now, bro. Close the door!

Erjon Buçuku: No, because I can't close it, because...

Erjon Buçuku: Just give it a quick bite, because..!

Citizen: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! (1 million ALL)

Erjon Buçuku: Ok! Okay! Go get your identity card and come on, so I can do the procedure! Where are you? You have it here, you have it.

Erjon Buçuku: Then at 10, you have nothing else to do. Just go there "I want a medical-legal report", that I am able to work. You will tell him…

Citizen: Do not take me to the Iranian?

Erjon Buçuku: No, you don't need it, man! Go to the neighborhood doctor!

Erjon Buçuku: Specialist, yes. Then, he tells you directly "you must do a blood test, no hair, no leek". Leave a 5 thousand lek there and then I get the report here. e-Albania comes online, if you don't need it, then you will apply for a personal certificate, family certificate and criminal record in e-Albania. You have school. That's all you have to do!

After we give him 1 million lek, the employment procedures begin, where we also submit some documents.

Erjon Buçuku: O Roxhi! The boy is going to "Ardian Klosi". An ID card and an application for employment!

Officer 1: I'll do it right now. Do you have your identity card with you?

Erjon Buçuku: There is! I'm doing it.

Officer 1: Fill in this request for me, please! Your name, father's name, last name! This is a list of all the documents that you need to fill out to bring, because for each employee, we have personal files with a number of documents. You will make these and bring them here to my office! I will process the order, I will take it out, I will take it on the phone, when you show up at school!

Official 1: You will talk to the school principal about everything later, but when we do the presentation! Give me these, I'll put them there! You have them for the director. The other person's discharge order and your appointment order. OK?

The next day we also receive the work order, where our agent is appointed guard near the "Ardian Klosi" school.

Citizen: The people from the municipality told me to come.

Headmistress: Boy, you will be a guard. Yes come! Get in!

Citizen: The letters of ... were given to me by those from the municipality.

Headmistress: Yes, yes, yes, okay!

Headmistress: I mean, you…

Director: Yes, what is ordered is this, which leaves on 7.02, your relationship begins.

Before we start work, we have a meeting with the school principal, who shows us the tasks where the most important thing is not to allow any journalists or media workers, even they should be avoided by telling them that the Principal is in a meeting or is not here.

Director: You will have the security part, of course. In the part of the school yard. You will have, you will keep the keys. You will have the part of opening the school in the morning, it is with a dashboard. Now the schedule, you have to be at school at 7:00.

Headmistress: But you should know that you will be the first to come to school!

Director: And you will be the last one to leave! You will be careful of the part of the gate, when the students go in and out! Categorically no media, nothing, because a television can come, film, etc., etc. If he's filming from outside, let him do as much as he wants. But you won't have any kind of communication! Absolutely! If they ask for a meeting with the school principal, absolutely! You will take me on the phone for correctness, they are heh, heh, heh and I will say them, what is the right way to say!

N/Director: You can generally avoid them yourself! Yes, it's the media, the principal is not at school. From the first moment there is no need to..., he is not in the meeting.

Director: Right at the meeting, there is a work meeting.

N/Director: Yes, that will not happen.

Director: But we don't have such problems./tvklan

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