Fixed Fare/ Execution of 7 years does not execute the final court decision

2023-05-24 21:01:08, Denoncim CNA

Fixed Fare/ Execution of 7 years does not execute the final court decision

For 7 years now, a citizen has been wandering around the enforcement offices, since he cannot get the house mortgage even though there is a final decision.

The executor justifies that he does not receive a response from the institutions and does not know about the other party for whom the law gives him the right to compel him to execute the final court decision.

Todi Dhimo complained in Fiks Fare that a court decision is not being executed, which has taken final form since 2016. At that time, he also turned to the State Enforcement.

The genesis of his whole problem is that after he bought two entrances to a building, the owner refused to sign the final contract and then transfer ownership. Mr. Dhimo went to court in 2016, where he received a final decision in his favor.

The decision states that the citizen will receive part of the money from the builder, as he has paid for more meters than he actually has, and the enforcement is requested to transfer the amount from the debtor to the creditor, which was done in 2017. The point which is unimplemented is the signing of the contract between the builder and the buyer and the transfer of ownership to the latter.

Mr. Dhimo says that no matter how many times he inquires with the enforcement, he never gets the same answer. Having wandered for so long he turned to Fiks Fare to help him.

The citizen meets the bailiff Benard Keçi, who has his file and tells him that he has written to the ZRPP and has not received an answer. As for the builder, he says that he does not know, that is, that it is not known where he is, since he does not appear in the registered address. "We have nothing to do! Take an interest in the ZRPP and tell me what they say and I will know how to proceed" says the bailiff Keçi.

So the citizen will do the work of the executor, he even tells him to meet the builder and agree that he will sign the contract and proceed with the mortgage later. What if the citizen agreed with the builder, why would he go to court and then to enforcement?!

Under these conditions, Fiksi calls the director of Enforcement, Mr. Shtëtërorz. Piro Lutaj who welcomes the citizens in his office. After listening to the citizen, he calls an employee where he asks her to sift through the entire file of the citizen, which has been circulating for 7 years. He asks to be informed about everything about the case in question and promises the citizen at the end that everyone involved will bear the responsibilities that belong to them. "Once I am informed, I will call you again and tell you what we will do next" concludes the meeting with director Lutaj./ tch

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