"She dressed beautifully and sang love songs to me"/ The nurse's accusation of sexual harassment that led the 63-year-old behind bars

2023-05-30 21:06:11, Denoncim CNA

"She dressed beautifully and sang love songs to me"/ The nurse's

The investigative program "Stop" on TV Klan has traveled to the village of Paftal, 16 km from Berat, for the problem of Mrs. Firuze Kosova. With tears in her eyes, she shows the arrest of her husband Gëzim Kosova, 63 years old, on charges of stalking and sexual harassment of the village nurse, Qamurane Kosova.

The village doctor categorically denied saying what was written in her testimony, under the pressure of OPGJ Ledion Ferzaj. Likewise, the other witness, the village headman, said that there are land problems with the convict, but no harassment. sexual.

The complainant, Firuze Kosova: My husband was arrested on November 24, 2022. Qamurane Kosova accuses him of stalking her, as if he stalks her. By the time the police came, we had come here, we were drinking kaffir, we had just come from work. Aguri, the almighty, picks him up on the phone and says "where are you Gëzim?". "At home," he tells her. The car had come down here in the meantime, that lady had informed him. He said "where were you half an hour ago?". "I was picking olives with my wife," he told her. "Okay, come on down," he said. Then, when he sat down, he said, "Gëzim, Qamuranja informed the police "that you harassed her in the health center". "No, there's no way, I wasn't with my wife," he told her. His hands were muddy when they took him. Meanwhile, this lady comes out of the house and the car was there and she said "I'm afraid of him, they're going to jail because I'm afraid he'll kill me with a gun."

Journalist: The nurse made the accusation against Gezimi, meanwhile the doctor also approved that her nurse was sexually harassed by this resident.

The whistleblower, Firuze Kosova: At a time when these people never stay together.

Journalist: There is also the testimony of the village headman who affirmed such a thing. Have you contacted the chief?

Complainant: Yes, I contacted and he told me "that I signed them, but I did not read them".

Journalist: Why did you accept the summary judgment for the husband?

Complainant: Yes, I accepted it because I am very sorry. I can't stand it when I see him behind bars. He is sick, he begs me day after day, "Help me, get me out of here", he tells me. He is 63 years old. It's not his fault, he didn't do anything. Why did she go "that he sings love songs to me?", what is this? I have a separate house and I have a separate border, why do I "sing, not sing" with him. I'm in my house, the TV is singing, it's singing because of longing for the children to be in Greece. I live alone with my husband.

Reporter: Has there ever been a time when your husband has left home and you did not know his destination?

Complainant: No, never, he never separates from me. We have a very good relationship.

Journalist: Do you find it difficult to go out in the village?

Complainant: Yes, very difficult. There have been deaths and I haven't gone, I'm sorry. He was a man with dignity.

According to the investigation file for the case, the village chief and the doctor of the Health Center were witnesses to these harassments. The Berat Court of First Instance has sentenced Gezimi to 3 years of imprisonment, which becomes 2 years with a shortened trial.

Statement of the doctor of the Health Center, referring to the investigation file: Statements were received from the citizen Dhurata Abazaj, who stated that she is a family doctor in the village of Sinje and the citizen Qamurane Kosova works together with her. He stated that in the work center where they are, they have many concerns from the citizen Gëzim Kosova, who repeatedly goes to the work center and asks the citizen Qamurane Kosova to go to the apartment and perform health services in the organs intimate. He stated that Qamurania told him that she is very worried because he constantly asks her for intimate relations and that he went to her work where he teases her and sings her love songs.

"She dressed beautifully and sang love songs to me"/ The nurse's

The statement of the village headman, referring to the investigation file:Statements were received from the citizen Hadil Kosova, who stated that he is the headman of the village of Paftan, Berat and stated that the citizen Gëzim Kosova is a concern for the entire community and he himself had threats and problems with this person. He has stated that he is aware that this citizen has been stalking him for about 1 year and is seeking intimate relations with Qamurane Kosova, the village nurse, who is a widow and lives alone and whose houses are close to Gezimi. He stated that the day before, she called him crying and saying that there were life threats from citizen Gëzim Kosova and he directed her to go to the police. He stated that where the citizen causes many problems with many people. He stated that he is so problematic, how much do you think it would be a danger to anyone's life since he can do extreme actions at any moment. Regarding the problem of the citizen Qamurane Kosova, he stated that he is aware that she is being constantly harassed by him, being threatened and psychologically abused every day and she has been complaining about this for over eight months and he has headed to the police to file a report.

"She dressed beautifully and sang love songs to me"/ The nurse's

"Stop" met the nurse Qamurane Kosova, who says that there were no witnesses and the harassment of her fellow villager was "beautiful clothes" and "love songs".

Journalist: What service did you offer to the one who harassed you?

Journalist: He chased you...

Qamurane Kosova: Go now, please... I have nothing...

Journalist: No, we will explain some things to us because the man of the world is in prison.

Qamurane Kosova: Let him be in prison, the court knows that, not me.

Journalist: Do you work alone at the center?

Journalist: How often do you meet the doctor?

Qamurane Kosova: When we have chronic patients, we call the doctor because the center is in Vreshtan.

Journalist: What services do you offer at home?

Qamurane Kosova: Blood pressure measurement, injections, medications, those who cannot come to the ambulance.

Reporter: Was there a patient who needed your service at home?

Qamurane Kosova: No, this was not necessary at the time.

Reporter: Have you ever been home with him?

Qamurane Kosova: I was there when he called the doctor and I went to him.

Journalist: What did you do to him?

Qamurane Kosova: Voltage measurement, nothing else.

Journalist: Was he alone or was he with his wife?

Qamurane Kosova: He was both alone and with his wife.

Journalist: On November 24...

Qamurane Kosova: Oh, please, go now!

Journalist: On November 24, when the gentleman was caught red-handed, can you tell me where you two were together when he was caught red-handed?

Qamurane Kosova: Please leave now, don't follow me because I don't owe you anything.

Journalist: When did these harassments start?

Qamurane Kosova: Oh, go now, I know the one who is in prison now. You will go now, please. Don't do anything and you will be punished a lot later.

Qamurane Kosova: Just like he used to tease me.

Journalist: Who did you witness the harassment that he did to you?

Qamurane Kosova: I myself was a witness. He would meet me on the street, dressed nicely, winking at me with his eyes and hand. I didn't answer him because I didn't talk to him. "okay, okay, don't talk, I'll fire you" and sent messages that the nurse doesn't go to work, doesn't serve, while I was going to work. I would come home from work, he would start whistling, he would watch over me again, I couldn't go outside. She used to come, approach, approach, come to the wall and tell me "I love you and I love you, I love you and you don't love me, I'll come closer..." I told her "go away because we're not the same age, you're 63 and I'm 60 years old". That's it, that's it. I endured it, I endured it...

Doctor: I was there because I am also the director of the center and as the rightful owner, I was called that day that Qamuranja had a problem with the case.

Journalist: When, on November 24?

The doctor: You have it there because the way it came out, that Ledio, because of the pressure he put on us, deviated and the testimony there that I found out later as if I was present at the moment they were doing it, let's say when she had the harassment. This very strange thing.

Journalist: Now, it is said that Dhurata has stated that he was there...

The doctor: Very dirty because how can the doctor be? Now, where was I now? Nurses operate in every village and I get to know the problems and not directly with them, but when the patient makes a complaint. I am not an eyewitness to see what she does, I explained this to him and he fell as he suffered later. I told him not to confuse me with these things because I am the head, I follow the work, follow the activity of the center, I cannot be present when the nurse measures the blood pressure, does the injection. There was a problem, they called me about this case. I told you that "I know that he is right that he is looking for service, he is a chronic patient, who did not come to us, he only received recommendations". I don't sit there and watch what the nurse does. I don't know what my husband does and you know what a nurse does.

Gazetarja: Gëzimi, a është problematik?

Kryeplaku i fshatit: Tani, derisa unë kam këto ankesat, që ka qenë problematik në toka e gjëra.

Gazetarja: Jo, nuk më intereson për toka.

Kryeplaku i fshatit: Unë këto kam shkruar atje, për toka sipas letrës që më ka dhënë ajo, i jam drejtuar dhe unë.

Gazetarja: Ku e dinit ju se ka një vit që i kërkon marrëdhënie…? Kështu keni shkruar.

Village headman: I didn't know anything, I didn't write it. No, I haven't written anything about that. This got me on the phone at dinner saying "get the local police and let's go because so and so, so and so is harassing me". However, I did not take the local police to dinner. He came here, there were also these villagers, he left nothing unsaid to me, that you eat together, etc. However, I called the local police and then arrested him at home. I don't know anything anymore, that's all I know.

Journalist: Have you had other episodes on Gëzim Kosovan regarding this problem, for harassment and persecution of village women?

Village headman: No, I haven't ./tvklan

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