Denunciation/ Defamation of Bollino and Top incinerator

2023-05-29 21:01:00, Denoncim CNA
Denunciation/ Defamation of Bollino and Top incinerator
Photomontage - Top Channel and Carlo Bollino

Another denunciation highlighted the slander of Carlo Bollino with his media and "Top Channel".

It is the member of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Jamarbër Malltezi, who says that Bollino and "Top Channel" have defamed the news and are now justifying themselves before the court.

By means of a status on social networks, Malltezi declares that the two media that are paid by the incinerators' money and make a "cheat" to the government, slander the opponents of Prime Minister Edi Rama.

This happens while, as Malltezi declares, many denunciations are in force against these slanderers, with which Bollino and "Top Channel" are facing in court. 

But for the slander they have made, these media are using excuses. According to the member of the DP National Council, Bollino has declared that he "slandered unintentionally", while "Top Channel" has "taken the statements of others as truth and they are not the slanderers, but only broadcasters".

"2 years have passed and the third one entered that I am waiting for the trial for defamation against Bollino and Top Blush who are paid by the incinerators for licking Rama and defaming the opponents of the thief regime. Bollino had 10 defamations and Top Blushi had 7, but the trials do not start with this mender-reform. 2 of the slanders fall down with 2 photos. So now Bollino complains that there was "unintentional slander" and the top incinerator says that "I took the statements of others as true, so they are the slanderers, we only broadcast them".

Rama steals the name of the club with the entire history without any letter from the state. As mayor, he signed that everything is occupied. His ministers Angjeli, Klosi and Majko started privatization. The problem is that the denbabaden owners Tironas, Begeja, Llagami, Vaqari, Alimehmeti and Saliaga took their land and that they could not steal the land as they stole the name and the history. Unlike the hostage of Rama, I do not withdraw from the libel trial. We expect to face the slanderers who generously pay the master thief", writes Malltezi./ CNA.al

Denunciation/ Defamation of Bollino and Top incinerator

Denunciation/ Defamation of Bollino and Top incinerator

Denunciation/ Defamation of Bollino and Top incinerator

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