Abuses with the tender of cemeteries and stray dogs/ Investigations begin for the Municipality of Kuçova

2023-05-24 21:41:24, Denoncim CNA

Abuses with the tender of cemeteries and stray dogs/ Investigations begin for

On April 19, "Stop" aired some issues related to the municipality of Kuçova. A resident of Kuçova told us that when one of his relatives passed away, he realized that he paid the taxes of 21,000 ALL and the services to the private company "Pienvis shpk".

In addition to this amount, the citizen was forced to pay 20,000 lek municipal tax for the maintenance of the cemetery. As if the abuse of this tender, which burdens citizens' finances, was not enough, the Municipality of Kuçova, one year after awarding the tender, approved another tax by decision of the Municipal Council, for the maintenance of the cemetery. 

According to the information received by the "Stop" editorial office, tenders for the care and management of the city's stray dogs are often organized in the Municipality of Kuçova, a service that has been provided to the private sector for years.

But it turned out that this tender was fictitious. The city is full of stray dogs, which have become a danger to citizens. The reporter of "Stop" found the place where stray dogs should be treated, according to the tender documents.

But in the given environment, in the village of Gorre in Kuçova, there were no dogs and no conditions for the treatment of dogs. The journalist also talked to the person, to whom they rented the premises.

He reinforced the fact that there have never been dogs in this environment. The mayor of the municipality, Kreshnik Hajdari avoided explanations, and then said that he is not aware of this tender.

"Stop" has learned that for both of these cases, the cemetery and the tender of stray dogs, the Prosecutor's Office of Berat has registered criminal proceedings. Also, SPAK has started the investigation regarding the maintenance of the city cemeteries./tvklan

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