"RTSH steals the authorship of the song"/ Saimir Çili: We will face each other in court...

2023-05-30 19:53:00, Denoncim CNA
"RTSH steals the authorship of the song"/ Saimir Çili: We will
Composer Saimir Chili

Composer Saimir Çili has today made a complaint to Albanian Radio and Television, regarding his song "Stars of Hope".

Through a status on social networks, Chili shows that RTSH has stolen the authorship of this song, which he sang in 1997 with Eneda Tarifa at the Song Festival.

He declares that it is scandalous that RTSH is receiving income from "Youtube" without any written and signed contract.

The composer says that he published the song on his channel, but RTSH blocked it for copyright. For this reason, he calls on the Albanian Public Television to unblock the video and give him the income earned by "Youtube", otherwise he will sue him in court.

Full Status:


RTSH has started to become the owner of songs composed and sung by me.

Open theft...

Without any type of contract written in black on white, RTSH steals the revenue that comes from YouTube clicks. In 1997 there was no YouTube and consequently no written and signed contract.

With the greatest shame, without any agreement, it blocks my song on my YouTube channel, and RTSH publishes it on its channel. RTSH's only claim is the pretext that you are paid for songs.

While I was paid in 1997 - 13,500 new FOR PARTICIPATING IN THE FESTIVAL, not to be robbed 26 years later...

I call on the leaders of RTSH to take immediate measures

1-Unblocking the song

2-Or Agreement for the income from Youtube, to be divided according to the rules, the video part and the audio part.

Otherwise you will face in court./ CNA.al

"RTSH steals the authorship of the song"/ Saimir Çili: We will

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