The 89-year-old paralyzed woman cannot withdraw her passport to go to her son in Greece/ "I have been in bed for 18 years"

2023-06-02 21:56:26, Denoncim CNA

The 89-year-old paralyzed woman cannot withdraw her passport to go to her son in

Vasil Ilia tells the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan that his 89-year-old mother has been sick and paralyzed for 8 years. Since he is not finding a lady to take care of the old woman, Vasili has come from Greece to take her with him and gives his mother an identity card. He barely manages to get his mother to the Allied offices. Now that he has to take his passport to the police, he can no longer take his mother to pick her up.

Complainant: I turn to your show because I have problems with my mother, she is 89 years old, she is paralyzed, there is no one to take care of her. I came from Greece to find a nurse to take care of my mother because the ones I had ran out, so I stayed here for 8 months living by myself and serving her. However, I am old and I need help myself. I am 66 years old. I thought to take it with me, but they don't give me my passport. Initially, I applied to the Allied offices, for the card and for the passport. I took the card, took my mother with big scars. 2 guys picked him up, brought him here on the road and I took him.

In fact, the 89-year-old lives in a building located in Laprakë, in Unit Number 11, with parking in front and brambles left to be cut by public services.

Complainant: The municipality has put a sign here that says "parking is allowed". I called the municipal police and the traffic police and presented the problem to them, and they told me that "we have no competence because the municipality allows them". I asked him the question "if there is a fire in the building, where will the fire brigade go?". They were stuck there, they didn't know how to answer. 8 months that I have been here, these cars have not moved a day.

Journalist: In addition to the physical difficulties created by these obstacles in your palace, you also have other obstacles because you cannot move your mother.

Complainant: I can't move it. I moved him once to take him to "Aleati" which is near here and he got worse. "Aleati" is in Laprakë, while the Police is in Tirana.

Journalist: Now, to withdraw your passport, you have to go to...?

Complainant: To the Police of Tirana and that is impossible. They told me that I should make a special prosecutor. I didn't do it because I have economic problems because I live only with my mother's pension. It doesn't matter to you, dead or alive, I have to take the mother there so that she can put her finger on it.

The journalist of "Stop" went to the apartment of the elderly woman, Panaja Ilias, and she was lying on the bed, unable to get up.

Mother: I am very sick. It doesn't move. I've been in bed for 18 years and I can't get up. I ran away the first time, there I fell with the whole cart, I was killed, and the boy who was holding me was killed. I look for the police, but no one is coming. I have no one to get up and go with. My son is crippled with one kidney, with tension. He stayed with me all day. I have to wash, I have to eat, he does everything, I have no one else. If I get a passport, I will go to the boy. The whole family is taken care of there.

Complainant: Please help me get it and get out of here. If I get my passport, I will leave.

Regarding this problem, the journalist of "Stop" talks with the director of the Tirana Police, Tonin Vocaj, and the latter, after talking with "Aleat", resolves the case administratively.

Journalist: How was your time? I am Odeta, the journalist of "Stop".

Tonin Vocaj: Hey Odeta, are you okay?

Reporter: I'm fine, but I want you to help me with a case. Here in Laprakë, an 89-year-old woman who does not move from the country because she has been in a wheelchair for 8 years, is alone at home. His son came from Greece to take him with him. He did all those procedures, but when the lady had to appear at "Aleati", he took the lady by car, transported her and felt very bad. It is equipped with an identity card. There are problems with the passport now because it has to be presented to the Tirana Police.

Tonin Vocaj: Was his passport produced?

Journalist: The idea is that I can't bring it. I saw it myself. In addition to being sick and disabled, the lady is also overweight.

Tonin Vocaj: He sent me the data by message. Good?

Journalist: OK, thank you.

"Stop" hands over the passport to the son and the old woman.

Complainant: I received the passport, I wish you health and success in your work, thank you very much and you have made a "bridge across the sea" for me today. May you always have success and health.

Mother: Good luck to you, son. Be 100 years old. Don't see my troubles. I am very happy and may God give you happiness. Thank you very much. God give you strength and all good. / tvclan

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