Scandal in Fiks Fare/ The police commander checks a citizen's car and wallet, beats another!

2023-06-01 21:05:10, Denoncim CNA

Scandal in Fiks Fare/ The police commander checks a citizen's car and

Fiks Fare denounced the arbitrary actions of a police inspector in Shkodër, who checks a citizen's wallet and beats another!

The Fiks editorial office received information, accompanied by a video, about the commander of Order in the Shkodra Police, Shkëlzen Gjonaj, who gets into a private car without a warrant and checks his wallet. According to the information, the policeman allegedly took a small envelope with 350,000 lek and 50 euros from his wallet, which, after being caught by the cameras, he returned to the owner a few hours later.

For the same policeman, with the rank of inspector, another video has arrived on Fiks Fare, made some time ago. In this video, the policeman is in a bar in Shkodër and suddenly kicks and punches a young man. Fiksi met the policeman, who says that he only took one bean from the car. Meanwhile, he says he doesn't remember the kicks and punches. "I could have done it, but for work," he says. He further claims that if these videos are published, his career in the State Police is at risk.

Videos: The policeman checks the citizen's car and wallet without a warrant, beats the other!

The "Fiks Fare" newsroom has received some information about a police inspector at the Shkodra Police Station. It is about Mr. Shkëlzen Gjonaj, acting Commander of Order in this police station. The information is accompanied by a video, where on May 21, 2023, Gjonaj gets into a private car without a warrant and checks his wallet. The video is from security cameras and was made on May 21, 2023. A police car goes to a car wash in Shkodër. In the car was also the commander of the order, Shkëlzen Gjonaj, together with another policeman. Next to the police car that was being washed was another private vehicle. Inspector Shkëlzen Gjonaj goes near this car and checks. He takes an item from inside the car, which is a wallet.It starts and checks it. He takes a white object, which he opens. Inside this envelope, it is suspected that there were 350,000 lek and 50 euros belonging to the citizen. Then, the policeman takes the envelope and along with a bean, removes his hat. He pretends to clean the hat and puts a white object in it, which was the envelope. He continues cleaning and then puts it on his head and leaves.

Another video, made some time ago, arrives for the same policeman, the Order Commander in the Shkodra Police. In the video, Shkëlzen Gjonaj appears again, kicking and punching a young man. The fight takes place in the middle of the bar, even from the images it does not look like a police action. "Go Go! Away, away. Yyy, yyy depzes cur&ë! Ja?ek, go..." says the inspector to the citizen. The police inspector, Shkëlzen Gjonaj, is wearing a police uniform. First, he curses and insults a citizen. He then punches him twice in the face. Violence follows with a kick. But he doesn't stop, he punches him again when he was leaving!The citizen leaves and for no moment does not insult and hit him!

Order Commander: I beat him for the sake of work!

After this information, Fiks journalists go to Shkodër to meet the Police Commander himself. They call him and tell him that they are citizens who have information about an event. The commander tells him that he is on a home inspection and makes an appointment. The Fiks group goes to the meeting place, in the Ajasem neighborhood, near the Castle of Shkodra.

Initially, for the first video, that of taking the wallet from the car, the policeman says that he took a bean. He denies that he received money, while he claims that it was not an action! Journalists ask him whether or not he had a mandate, while he answers that "no, it was not a control", while he denies having received money, but only a letter to wipe the hat. When asked if his son has returned the money, he says he has no idea!

Journalists ask him about the second video, the one of the beating of a boy. He says he doesn't remember and doesn't know if it's him or not! He says that people with precedents may have done it to him because of his work. We ask him why this behavior, he says "I don't remember". Afterwards, the policeman approaches the group of Fiks at the car and tells them that "if these videos are published, my career will be destroyed".

"Who did this to me?!" says the police to the journalists, while receiving as an answer that if the source is shown, then there would be no Fiks Far! "You are destroying us all our lives, for the sake of work I have... If I have beaten, I have beaten people for the sake of work!" was his answer, admitting that he has violated that citizen! When asked why he had shot him, the policeman replied that "I don't remember". Journalists ask him again about the incident 10 days ago, the one about checking the car and the wallet. "I know that someone did it to me that I put in prison, I know that he did it to me," he says, but when he realizes that he is being filmed, his attitude changes. "Nothing is true, you know that!"

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