Legalizes the property, the house comes out on the neighbor's plot/ Stop solves the problem

2023-05-31 21:42:45, Denoncim CNA

Legalizes the property, the house comes out on the neighbor's plot/ Stop

The citizen Pëllumb Dylmishi from Portëza e Fieri complained to the show Stop on Tv Klan that the Cadastre of Fieri registered the property incorrectly and for several years this problem has not been resolved, despite his complaints.

He says that in 2016 he started the legalization procedures and realized that on the map his house appeared on the neighbor's plot.

He has sent letters to the local Directorate and the General Directorate, but has not yet received a solution. 

"I had the old house that is from 1959 and I tore it down and made a 2-story house. They are the old plots as divided by the state. According to the old list I exist at 12/15. But here is a problem. The municipality or whoever did it put the name of the neighbor whose house is on the south side next to my house on the plot of my house. In the documents, his house comes from the wing from the north to 12/14, which bears the number 12/22 and 12/23 and is the house of the next neighbor.

I have complained who knows how many times to ASHK. They said we will solve it, it's been 5 years and to this day they haven't solved it for me. I addressed the ASHK of Tirana, they answered me and directed the ASHK of Fier to take an interest in my problem and solve it for me. Until this day, I was forced to take Stop because it doesn't solve any of my problems ", says Mr. Pëllumb Dylmishi.

Stop turned to the Cadastre and this institution informed us that the mistake was made by the administrative unit, but with the consent of the citizens, this problem will be solved.

Currently, after the interest of Stop, the parties have presented themselves to the Cadastre Directorate, have given their consent and are awaiting the correction in the documentation./ tvklan

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