The director of the dormitory changes the rules of the game/ "Students pay a little, so they shower on a schedule"

2023-06-02 21:52:59, Denoncim CNA

The director of the dormitory changes the rules of the game/ "Students pay

A student of the "Fan Stilian Noli" university in the city of Korça who lives in the dormitory called "Trajtimi i Korçë Students" has sent a complaint to the editors of Fiks Fare regarding the conditions inside the dormitory.

The student says that in exchange for staying in the dormitory, she and the other students pay 45,000 old lek, and based on the contract she has with this dormitory, she must have 24-hour water and internet.

The student indicated that the hot water is on a schedule, whereas previously she had hot water without interruption and the internet is weak. She says that they have expressed this concern to the director of the dormitory, but the latter has said that this is what he decided.

Fiks Fare journalists went to Korça and noticed that warm water was missing, students had to wait until 18:00 in the afternoon to be able to use the showers.

The director of the student center Mr. Shkëlqim Kajmaku said that there are 70 students and from time to time I have found some of these students wasting the warm water. " They leave the faucets open to warm up the room and then take a shower ," he said.

So he has set a schedule for warm water from 18:00 in the afternoon until 09:00 in the morning of the next day. Mr. Kajmaku also said that the amount that these students pay to receive the service in the dormitory is insufficient, even though they pay 45 thousand old lek, the expenses are much higher for energy and water./ tch

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