Theft of 3 million euros / The scandal that accuses the company "ADEX"

2023-06-03 14:30:00, Denoncim CNA
Theft of 3 million euros / The scandal that accuses the company "ADEX"
"ADEX" company

Today, the Police of Korça announced that they had arrested the AB citizen, who for about two years, working through a private post office, had been able to secure about 3 million euros for herself.

This money, according to the scheme claimed by the police, was a fraud made by this "ADEX" post office worker.

In fact, official sources told CNA that it is suspected that the entity "ADEX" is itself involved in an even bigger scandal than one of its employees.

Perhaps the investigations will reveal more deeply, but what appears is that the Albanian tax and customs institutions, under their noses, had a company that supported parallel import.

What does this mean?

This means that "ADEX" has imported goods, which can be without tax invoices, without customs paid and the scandal of 3 million euros with a citizen who had abused is much less than everything that happens every day with postal companies .

According to the data investigated by Taxes, but also those already in the hands of the police, dozens of citizens do not appear to have official documents for the transports made and for the true values ??of these goods that they have transported.

So, the company has favored many of the companies, which work in the black, which means that in turn black competition and fiscal evasion have been favored.

Since many people have reported abuses with this company, or with its personnel, a problem that has arisen is the fact that they lack documents with real value.

Theft of 3 million euros / The scandal that accuses the company "ADEX"

So, a supply that could have been 10 million new lek, appears to be only 2, 3 or 1 million new lek, values ??which are 10 times less than the reality.

In these values, VAT is avoided, taxes are avoided, or on the other hand, the total turnover is not declared at all and a large evasion is carried out using companies such as "ADEX", or other postal companies, which in themselves have turned into a problematic for Taxes and Customs, but also for business competition.

This, since the postal companies themselves, which carry out transport for various businesses, hide the real figures, where in a chain effect the data paid in Taxes, VAT, income tax, etc. are hidden, thus creating a black market, a fictitiousness that does not begin and does not end only with "ADEX" that was discovered with the Korça citizen AB

The very fact that the abuse of the arrested employee has lasted so long reinforces the suspicions that the company itself favors informality, hiding the quantities and monetary values ??of the goods it transports and distributes.

On the other hand, there are tens and hundreds of citizens who claim problems not only with the company "ADEX", but also with other post offices, where they are often involved in what we called above fiscal evasion, concealment of income, which it can go as far as laundering money from certain companies and individuals, assisted by these through the mails, as in the case of "ADEX" and the arrested employee./ CNA.al

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