"God kill you, trash, schizophrenic..."/ The sick woman terrorizes the palace, comes out at night with a hammer and...

2023-06-05 21:35:34, Denoncim CNA

"God kill you, trash, schizophrenic..."/ The sick woman terrorizes the

A lady, 73 years old, has become a serious concern for the residents of a building in the "5 Maj" neighborhood of Tirana. According to them and according to the videos provided, the elderly woman in the late hours of the night damages the apartments with strong tools and raises her voice.

"A woman who is mentally ill has been causing us great concern for several months. These worries are not a pause or a word, but that rises in the night, takes the hammer and breaks down our doors. He shouts and says turn off the engines. What engines are here, it is very difficult. We understand that this man is mentally ill and we have understood that the only institution we can go to is the police. Before, it was quieter. Over time, her condition has worsened and she comes out at night. If you chat with him, you don't understand that he is judged with such shortcomings. He speaks normally, but his actions at night are terrible", said a resident.

Residents say that this situation has been going on for about 4 years, but in the last two years it has become more worrying.

"It's been 4-5 years, but concerns have been growing for almost 2 years. We understand, we don't want to hurt them. It's not that we want to lock him up in bars, but the cure is both a salvation for him and a salvation for us," said the resident.

The elderly woman, according to information, lives alone. According to the videos of some residents, there are some scenes where the actions of the lady in question are witnessed.

Elderly woman: God kill you, because you broke the door of my house, which I bought with Lek! Animal! Psychopath! Schizophren! Go see yourself, you're schizophrenic! What do you want here? Go to your dump! Go to the state offices! This is a private office, what do you want here? What are you looking for here? You've been playing games like this for four years. Just as you turn off the stove, turn off the shower! Four years, shower on. How do I live, old, alone? May they die, Inshallah! We speak like logical people. Open the door, I won't kill you! Open the door, let's talk logically, like people. You don't have school, you're stupid, you're illiterate! I saved you from death, you trash! You don't open the door, because you're a mask man! You moron! O animal of the forest! O ignorant, vile race!

Although reported several times to the police and reported to the prosecutor's office, it was never judged that she needs a doctor. There was even a complaint against the lady in question because she raped a 10-year-old girl without any reason.

The elderly woman said in a telephone recording: She has been ringing the bell for 2 and a half years.

Complainant : Do you know that it is not allowed to hold the child by the ear?

Elderly woman: I took it not as a sign, but as a sign of fear.

"A person suffering from mental health problems at a given moment can present a danger to the community. And this can happen even when it's on medication because mental health illnesses are complicated. When kept with medication they are calm. We cannot rule out the possibility that they may become a reason to commit various criminal acts", said Valentina Asabella, a psychiatrist.

The program "Stop", for three days in a row, was under the observation of the lady. "Stop" asked to talk to him more, but it was impossible, as he did not answer. After that, "Stop" requested support from the police and specialist doctors.  

Police: Police, open the door!

Elderly woman: I'm sick, I'm very sick, my brother took my key.

Policeman: Look, if you don't find the key, open the door a little, we are the police!

Elderly woman: Go to the police station, don't bother me anymore, because I'm very sick! I don't open the door because I'm very sick.

Policeman: We are here to help you, open the door a little, please!

Elderly woman: I don't open the door a bit, go to the police station and complain!

General practitioner: I am a doctor.

Elderly woman: I made the serum, I'm very sick.

Psychiatrist: Can you open the door so I can help you?

Elderly woman: I'm a doctor myself, I don't need you!

Psychiatrist: What if we cooperate together? how do you say

Elderly woman: I don't need it at all, my sister! Leave me alone, now! What will you help me with?

Psychiatrist: Only if you need any health help. You're telling me that I'm sick, let's help you, that's all! To help you, every question I am asking is to help you.

Elderly woman: Go now, don't tell us too much!

Psychology: You hear me, will you open the door a little? Just talk and explain to me closely, what is your concern!

But in the end, this citizen was sent for treatment and will be kept under the constant care of doctors, even after she leaves the psychiatric hospital in Tirana./tvklan

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