"Daddy said don't tell"/ The child reveals the macabre murder in Durrës, how the judges released the main suspect

2023-06-06 21:29:55, Denoncim CNA

"Daddy said don't tell"/ The child reveals the macabre murder in

The program "Stop" treated this Tuesday a very serious case where a 24-year-old woman was reported to have jumped from the balcony, but her father doubts that she was killed by her husband.

Regarding the murder of Anisa Gjini in Durrës, OPGJ Shkëlqim Osmani seems to have helped more in staging this event. He did not examine the apartment inside to find suspicious signs that could help the investigation. He has contented himself with 4 photographs and closed everything with that.

For this reason, the main suspect, Alfred Gjini's husband, could be acquitted after 6 months in prison ordered by the Durrës prosecutor, Edina Kurti. In the order of the prosecutor, it is suspected that the event is not suicide by jumping from the balcony, but murder.

"He didn't do 6 months in prison, he got out... He drives around, my girl sits in the pit. I can't forgive him for these things," said the victim's father.

Judges Petraq Çuri and Paulin Çera made a decision to release the suspect Gjini from the prosecutor's request for prison arrest.

Petraq Çuri changed the security measure from prison arrest to forced appearance. Paulin Çera, at the same time president of the Court of First Instance of Durrës, has not accepted the request of the prosecution to replace the measure of arrest by the obligation to appear in prison, citing as a mistake the making of another act of expert examination of the victim. Strategy of delaying this process only to favor the main suspect, Alfred Gjinin.

"I will wait for justice. I will bring justice to the end, then I have decided what I can do. I can't take it anymore," said the father.

"Stop" has secured the exclusive testimony of the minor son of the late Anisa Gjini. He tells in a childish way that dad hit mom in the head until she passed out. The child says that the father ordered him not to reveal that the police would pick him up.

"Dad is changing sports. Dad spanked mom and then wet her with water. They locked me in the room with xxxx. "Mom fainted and dad told me not to tell ," the child said.

The child even made a drawing at the psychologist where he painted his mother with a mark on her head.

“100% sure the chick is killed. The little grandson told me that this is how the mother came, they threw water on her, the mother never opened her eyes again. Today they are taking him and asking him, but he will say the same words. I took the child and took him, the child was not allowed in the house because he saw his mother's death with his own eyes. Here where there were marks on the head. He mentions it, he asks for it. Everything is very difficult. I expected a lot from justice. I want nothing but justice. I want justice, because he killed my girlfriend without a trace of evil. You can't kill a child at that level like he did," said the father.

There is reasonable doubt that this event is not a suicide, but a murder. The main suspect is the husband, Alfred Gjini.

The show "Stop" reconstructed events to be closer to the truth. According to the statements, Alfred Gjini had dinner together with his little son and his mother at 21:00. It is suspected that the victim that evening, around 22:00 Anisa may have been in the bathroom chatting with a work colleague. Alfredi saw the suspicious movements and ran after her. According to the evidence found on the victim's body, it is suspected that a fight may have taken place in the bathroom of the house on the third floor of the apartment.

The victim was hit with hard tools and suffocated with a shower hose. The marks found on Anisa's body show that she was hit in the shoulder and hand at the time of self-defense. The other marks on her neck are similar to the shower frexible where she then received the fatal blow to the head and lost consciousness. The event was manipulated and the young woman was thrown from the balcony to lose track of this murder./tvklan

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