Why is Edi Rama “furious” with SPAK?

12 Maj 2022, 16:16, English CNA

For several days, Prime Minister Edi Rama together with his ministers have launched a frontal attack on SPAK, citing as examples former Prime Minister Berisha, President Ilir Meta, elected by the Socialist Party, but also other events that have occurred during Democratic Party governance.

Edi Rama seems to be ?furious? with SPAK, together with his ministers. Someone thinks that his problem is the investigation of Ardian Dvorani, or the investigation of simple files. He complains that SPAK is not investigating the incumbent president elected with the votes of the Socialists, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the ?Gërdec? case and others like that.

But Rama is not worried about these things. He is not doing politics. The Prime Minister is attacking the SPAK because his ministers are being imprisoned one by one. He is continuing his attacks on justice, because are expected other arrests of Edi Rama?s former ministers.

Day after day, ministers and deputy ministers, who have held important positions, have been called to SPAK. For the incinerators, with the contracts signed in the minimum value of 480 million euros, a former minister and a former deputy have been arrested and are in prison. Other officials are expected to be arrested. Someone is talking. Rama fears the expansion of the circle of people to the incinerators, but their investigation knocked down many heads.cna news, cna lajme, lajme cna, lajme flash cna, cna.al, cna lajme politike,

He can go up to the Prime Minister?s building. To senior officials of the Albanian state. Ilir Beqja, former Minister of Health, and his former Deputy Minister Klodjan Rrapaj have recently been summoned for questioning by SPAK, for the concessions granted when he was in charge of the Ministry of Health.

Other people are also being called. Investigations are probably moving slowly. Expectations for SPAK are not what they were once. So, maybe the Albanians have asked for a ?storm?:and within a day to arrest half of the government or to put 500 people in prison. But, this is not happening.

What is happening is that SPAK is opening day by day the files of corrupt concessions of Edi Rama?s government. Therefore, the Prime Minister is ?furious?. One by one, his collaborators, his ministers, his closest people, those who brought him to power are falling as ?martyrs?. Edi Rama’s castle is collapsing.

This is the reason why he publicly demands SPAK to arrest and detain people from the other side of political camp as well. But the Prime Minister should know that the Criminal Code has some written articles, approved by Albanian lawmakers, regarding deadlines, investigations and everything else.

It is not enough to simply speak in the SP Assembly or party congress, or to attack a justice institution in front of the media. No matter how free, how real it is and how well SPAK does its job. The fact is that the law is the law, and if it is violated by the ministers of Edi Rama, they will be brought to justice, as they are corrupt and have signed corrupt acts by abusing the taxes of poor Albanians.

Edi Rama cannot protect and save his officials, who have violated the law. He cannot protect his thieves who call SPAK. In case he is afraid, beyond the fact that his close associates are being arrested and will be arrested, it has to do with himself.

But in case any of the defendants will not ?bite? the tongue, but will speak and show with facts and documents that Edi Rama is behind all these corrupt schemes, maybe Albania?s way to the EU, will pass through the investigation of Edi Rama by SPAK./CNA.al

Pse është ?tërbuar? Edi Rama me SPAK-un?


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