Criminal/ Afred Peza fires the mother of a child with autism

2024-02-29 09:46:00, Denoncim CNA
Criminal/ Afred Peza fires the mother of a child with autism
Alfred Peza, RTSH

It also happens like that. Perhaps it is no disappointment to many of those who know Alfred Peza, of those who have reported on him.

A man who claims to be a normal journalist, a billionaire, an individual, who denied bread to his son by going to the courts with a document as if he was paid only 80 thousand new lek by the drug trafficker, Xhemail Pasmaçiu, once when he was working director and the payment was millions of lek.

Well someone who goes to court and hides his salary in front of his child who needs to be supported and raised cannot have a different behavior.

Alfred Peza is known to have fired an employee of RTSH, who has a child with autism.

Not that the other family members, the employees who left, almost 80 people, of which about 30 already have signed documents, the others have left themselves, are less of a problem or less of a concern than the case of a lady with a child with a problem who needs more than ever the mother and her support for increased finances for a child who needs greater care, but which Alfred Peza's firm shamefully throws on the street. And it is held by another person, Leka Bungo, of the Governing Council.

A duo that have turned RTSH into an ensemble of shame in recent months, with a failed festival, with mass dismissals of dozens of people, family members, people with certain troubles and problems, people who pay loans to banks, people with health problems like all other Albanians, poor people and they are not removed because they are poor, they are not removed because they have no respect for work or because they are not professionals.

They were removed because Alfred Peza wants to take those he wants in their places to control the institution and turn it into a controlled structure, for a strong hand, where accusations of corruption are not few since the funds for the Festival of 62 - of the Song in RTSH which was a failure to other activities, people who do not show up for work or others who are just spectators and get paid, while the mother of a child with autism is fired from her job.

In fact, she is a mother of two children, but we emphasize this problem because it is sad, it is painful, it is almost criminal to do such an act.

You couldn't expect anything else from Alfred Peza. It is enough to see the man in his electoral promises, it is enough to see him in the trial in front of the boy, it is enough to see him while he was working for Irfan Hysenbelli, it is enough to see him now at the head of RTSH.

Nor does this surprise us from Alfred Peza. But those who took him there must be held accountable.

Those who led him to the head of RTSH should be responsible, not to the Albanians, but to a child, to his family members, they should be responsible and think twice about 70 families that have one less salary, that employs soj and sorollop for his interests.

This is not an accusation, it is a fact. Alfred Peza is not reforming, he is capturing the institution of RTSH to keep it for his own interests and to use it by using the Supervisory Council of RTSH./ CNA

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