He promised a job in Germany/ The Sorrollat ​​Agency extorted 700 Euros from the citizen

2023-06-09 21:15:48, Denoncim CNA

He promised a job in Germany/ The Sorrollat ??Agency extorted 700 Euros from

Several times the show "Stop" has dealt with problems related to Employment Agencies, which after taking money from citizens, without providing the promised service.

Such is the "Viza Travel Agency" with administrator, Hamëz Bytyqi. Anselmo Karaj, said that in 2019 he saw an announcement on Facebook in this agency, since then it was called "Punsohu.Eu".

The agency was located in Kosovo, then it was closed there and operates in Albania, Rinas and Durrës.

First, Anselmo paid 200 Euros, then another 500 Euros for regular employment in Germany. While waiting for the meeting at the embassy, ??the agency only postponed the deadlines.

But 3 years have passed and the agency has neither ensured the citizen's return to Germany nor returned the money.

"Stop" spoke with the administrator Hamëz Bytyqi, who, after learning about the problem, promised to return the money to the citizen's account within a few days.

"Next week, I have authorized our accountant to be active. Yes, the same owner, I am honored. As far as this case is concerned, this is considered a closed case. He receives the money on Monday. The idea is that we have some disagreements with the one behind the administrator, who has cooperated. Now both of them have gone to Germany and I am left with the burden. 500 Euros, the last amount paid, will be returned to him. It is written in the agreement if it is not ensured that there was a problem with the dates for the honorable meeting. If the embassy does not set the date for the meeting, the last amount paid will be returned", said Bytyqi.  

"Stop" contacts the citizen and insists until the promised amount is paid.

"Thanks to the "Stop" show, this matter was finally resolved," said the whistleblower. /tvclan

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