Denunciation: Bollino's excuses for defamation with shows

2023-06-10 17:27:00, Denoncim CNA
Denunciation: Bollino's excuses for defamation with shows
Carlo Bollino

Carlo Bollino, the Italian publisher who has several media outlets in Albania, has been denounced from time to time for defamation.

One of the whistleblowers is the member of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Jamarbër Malltezi, who is facing the publisher in court for defamation.

A few days ago, Malltezi said that Bollino was justified in court for having "inadvertently defamed".

While today, he shows that Bollino has been justified in front of the black squads by saying that the shows were "opinions that may be incorrect".

The member of the DP National Council declares that the publisher is trying to postpone the trial, but warns him that the law will soon prevail.

"Carlo, who receives public assets in Tirana and broadcasts 10 defamations, now calls them "opinions that may be incorrect" in court.

Don't worry, Carlo, we will continue the trial no matter how long you postpone it. You will soon find out how justice degenerates when it becomes politics and you dare not touch the interest of the toilet. The law, the right of God and the dignity of the owners triumph over the filth, including those who receive millions from the mafia of incinerators led by Rama", writes Malltëzi on social networks./ CNA.al

Denunciation: Bollino's excuses for defamation with shows

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