Throws mothers of children with autism on the street / Mass departures and scandalous appointments

2024-03-02 16:11:00, Denoncim CNA

Throws mothers of children with autism on the street / Mass departures and

Alfred Peza does not stop the scandals and dismissals of employees from RTSH.

Alfred Peza, in an unprecedented manner, fired Desantila Lika, costume designer, who is one of the most popular in Albania.

Alfred Peza fired her without procedure just because her name appeared in the credits of movies, as a costume designer.

Throws mothers of children with autism on the street / Mass departures and
The dismissal decision by Alfred Peza

Desantila Lika is known for her work as a professional in films and always works outside of working hours and without violating any provision of the institution's regulations.

Peza has shown his most diabolical and anti-human side, as the lady in question has two autistic children and has to do some work to take care of them.


CNA also reported two days ago another case where Alfred Peza fired a mother with a child with autism.

But Alfred Peza doesn't stop there.

Endra Çeçi, director of the Archive, has been suspended while still on a medical report, thus violating the law as a person cannot be dismissed under such conditions.

Another employee was fired a few days ago. It is about Ergi Hasku, director.

The reason why Peza downloaded it is funny for a post on Instagram, where he shows the most valuable show on RTSH in his opinion.

CNA has repeatedly denounced the dismissals and dismissals of RTSH employees.

A few days ago, 3 directors resigned, the director of Finance, the director of Legal and Procurement, as well as the director of Human Resources.

Meanwhile, Alfred Peza does not stop from scandals by removing anyone who does not obey him, he goes against him trying to impose his thoughts and opinions.

This is the Alfred Peza we have denounced, the person who throws mothers with autistic children on the street and drives professionals away from RTSH and keeps those who benefit them and under his control.

He throws the mothers of children with autism on the street, the favorite of Peza, director of programming at RTSH

The director of RTSH knows no limits. While on the one hand he throws the mothers of children with autism and the real professionals who work at RTSH on the street, it is learned how the Director of Programming at RTSH decides his favorite.

CNA is denouncing another scandal in which Alfred Peza is involved, in addition to the abuses and violations he committed together with Leka Bungo in the case of the 62nd Song Festival at RTSH.

Bora Xhania, 25-years-old, commanded and favorite of Afred Peza is in charge of the Program Directorate.

It is learned that Xhania does not meet the legal requirements to hold this position, since she was not confirmed by the Governing Council in this position.

Reliable sources said that Bora Xhania, Peza's favorite from Alpenews, just to fulfill this condition, has paid social insurance for 5 whole years, in one day.

So, Alfred Peza fires the mothers of children with autism, who need to take care of their children, and appoints a Director of Programming at RTSH, his favorite, whom he can control and command as he pleases for his own interests. ./ CNA


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