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"I won 79 thousand euros in bets"/ KPK dismisses the "gambler" prosecutor

2022-07-22 10:22:00, Vetingu CNA

"I won 79 thousand euros in bets"/ KPK dismisses the

The Independent Qualification Commission has dismissed the prosecutor of Vlora, Alfred Sali.  

The KPK has conducted an investigation in all three criteria, namely clean image, professional skills and justification of wealth.

As far as the property is concerned, according to the KPK, it turned out that the prosecutor Sali made a false statement and inaccuracies were found.

In 2014, in the declaration of wealth, Sali claims that he won the amount of 79,275 euros in the online sports betting bet 355 based in Gibraltar.

A part of this sum, the prosecutor declares, was loaned to his father in the amount of 56,000 euros. According to the KPK, even though the prosecutor had liquidity, he took a loan in a way that was not clearly justified.

The amount of money won in gambling seems suspicious, as it does not match the wealth declarations.

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