60 million euros from the lands/ How the Municipality of Tirana supported the concession and destroyed the NJZP

2024-04-25 11:33:00, Denoncim CNA
60 million euros from the lands/ How the Municipality of Tirana supported the
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The government pays the landfill company through an unconditional transfer through the Municipality of Tirana about 10 million dollars per year.

Much of this is calculated at 29 euros/ton for urban waste. In fact, mountains of urban waste, i.e. mountains of garbage, need separation, systematization, encapsulation, need pipes, need drainage, need ventilation and so on, so they have costs. ( READ HERE )

60 million euros from the lands/ How the Municipality of Tirana supported the
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While the soil has a cost of almost 0. The company uses the soil, they go to the door. Take the money when they take it. They are sorted and placed on state lands, as happened with the occupied landfill surfaces without permission.

He takes the soils, then uses them for encapsulation, takes the soils and creates mountains or hills with them. Hills with soil are tens of millions of euros, while hills with garbage need both soil and services, and they have costs.

But, in this case, the Municipality of Tirana, with the action it took by serving the monopoly company of the landfill of Tirana, damaged businesses and directly the citizens, and the damage caused is at least 60 million euros, which was included in the bill of the citizen, who paid it. as the builder ultimately puts it on the cost.

Today we are faced with the fact that the Municipality of Tirana, in cooperation with the landfill company, "fighting" against the builders allegedly in the name of the environment, has invented an unapproved fee.

What would the company do without land? He would go and buy them. In this case, the municipality took them, on the contrary, it also gave them money, and this money was paid to the citizens. (READ HERE)


On the other hand, in a simple analysis, everyone would say these costs that the municipality found that the company received, this money from the builders, should by all means renegotiate with the concession contract and reduce them in the service fee. So, that 29 euros/ton, if the price decreased by 5.7 or 10 euros, it would go to 15 euros/ton.


There was no need for the Albanian government to pay 10 million dollars, but it could pay another 5.5, get it from the lands, from the service provided by the Municipality of Tirana, which in this case served as an army of mercenaries at the service of the company of the incinerator to collect tens of millions of euros from the lands from an illegal fee, which was set by a private company. ( READ HERE )

There should have been a market study, what is the cost, what is the cost for the builders, what is the cost for the company, so how much does this soil cost to take it to the landfill, how much does this soil cost in case the company needs it with any condition and buy it in the market, because if he didn't get the land from the construction companies, he would have to find a career or find a hill, dig it, get the soil and cover the garbage.

60 million euros from the lands/ How the Municipality of Tirana supported the
Incinerator of Tirana

In this case, the builders are found, a monopolistic company collects the land, which it should buy or find elsewhere.

What is the cost in this case, i.e. the cost that the monopoly company needed? And the calculations are made, how necessary they are, what are the clean soils, what are the inert wastes, what is their differentiation, what are the costs of each other, and in the end it comes out in a price.

Construction companies should probably take the soil to the landfill for free. The waste that would be incinerated, the solid or inert ones that had to be incinerated, should have a fee.

Was the depository owned by the state? Is state land taken for free given to the monopoly company?

So, even here there is a cost that needs to be calculated because of what the state does. The state is the regulator because in this case we are not in a private-private relationship, but we are private-monopoly, as a service provided by the state.

60 million euros from the lands/ How the Municipality of Tirana supported the
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Therefore, they are several issues and they are not different issues. These are issues that should have been discussed by the Municipality of Tirana. In which case this municipality notified the government and said we have ascertained this income, this must be negotiated because the company has this income.

What did the Project Implementation Unit do?

A structure that did not work because the Municipality of Tirana destroyed it by not bringing its two representatives. The clear purpose was not to ascertain and report tens of millions of euros of company income that should be monitored, but also allowed the incinerator not to be built and the contract not to be implemented.

Where was the Municipality of Tirana as the main municipality, applicant of this landfill, supporter, propagandist and main beneficiary of this landfill.

That the more than 60 million euros of Albanian citizens received from the concession company has turned into the benefits of several cars for the Municipal Police, which has used them as an army against the builders, against the citizens of Tirana, to create monopoly income in dozens and dozens millions of euros./ CNA


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