Email cleared/ Another construction company, clearing payment for land in Sharra landfill

2024-04-24 16:00:00, Denoncim CNA
Email cleared/ Another construction company, clearing payment for land in Sharra
The incinerator of Tirana

CNA has denounced the affair with the soils within the affair of the incinerators, since the Municipality of Tirana has signed an agreement with the incinerator company of Tirana that forces the construction companies to pay for the soils.

The construction companies must send to the Sharra landfill all the soil extracted from the pits of the construction sites, for which they pay from 4-8 euros per 1m³ of soil.

CNA has reported that some construction companies do not make payments, but have concluded clearing contracts with the Tirana incinerator. One of them was the company "Llanaj Construction", while today another company was discovered that makes payments through clearing

The political leader of the DP for Tirana, Belind Këlliçi, revealed that the company "Alesio" sh.pk makes clearing payments for the soil it deposits in the landfill.

Kelliçi published an email, where Julia Muça, the employee of Stela Gugalles informs the latter and Klodian Zoton about the financial relations with the company "Alesio" sh.pk

The email is dated June 6, 2020 and indicates that the construction company has provided an apartment, an excavator or has also carried out work on the land it is depositing in Sharre.

Email cleared/ Another construction company, clearing payment for land in Sharra

Excerpt from the complaint:

As we have explained to you with facts that have been made public for a long time now, within the mega corrupt affair of the Tirana incinerator, there is another affair that is as corrupt as it is criminal. It is about the land affair.

An invoice which so far exceeds the figure of 60 million euros. Money which has come out of the pockets of Albanians.

I believe you remember the agreement signed on October 15, 2018, between Taulant Tusha, Ermal Kapllanaj, Evisjon Salku and the incinerator of Tirana.

Through this agreement, the de facto owner of the Tirana incinerator Erion Veliaj, through the directors of the 5D criminal gang, put the entire state structure at the service of his business.

This date also marks the starting point of this affair.

Today we are making public an e-mail of the employee Julia Muça, financier of the incinerators. This e-mail is sent to Klodian Zoto and Stela Gugalle. The email is dated June 6, 2020.

This e-mail talks about financial relations with the company Alesio sh.pk, which as everyone knows, this company is already seized by the state with a final decision, for money laundering.

So after the agreement was signed between the incinerator of Tirana and the directors of the 5D gang, only 4 days later Alesio sh.pk signed the agreement with the incinerator of Tirana for the deposit of soil and inerts, for the pits of the most important towers of Tirana.

According to this e-mail, this company had 2 million euros of obligations to pay, from which, after verbal communications, 400 thousand euros of obligations for ETC are deducted, 58 thousand euros are deducted for an apartment, which SPAK did not even he sees and doesn't even bother to look for it (same as in the case of 6 apartments with Llanaj sh.pk), 32 thousand euros are deducted for an excavator which SPAK can find to whom it belongs, and in the end the company is left with 370 thousand euros to pay, which according to the e-mail, 145 thousand euros are clearing relations with other parties (ie another apartment in a tower in Tirana) and 190 thousand euros clearing with a very preferred company from Alesio sh.pk, the company Fortis sh.pk

Dear citizens,

Only one company has paid for 1 and a half years the figure of 2 million euros for the deposit of soil, all this after the criminal pressure that the actual owner of the Tirana incinerator exerted on the construction business. And of course when I choose my friends, I choose them the same as myself./ CNA

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