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"With friends we'll close it, I'll give you some money!"/ The transport company is blocked, the citizen cannot take home goods

2024-04-12 21:22:00, Denoncim CNA

"With friends we'll close it, I'll give you some money!"/

Ylli Ndreka, a physiotherapist by profession, says that he chose to return from emigration and give his contribution to his hometown in Lezhë.

Ndreka says that he chose the "Taushani Transport" company for transport. Made the 500 Euro payment and expected the home appliances, but they never arrived, as the driver was arrested at customs and the goods were blocked.

"This happened in September 2023. By all accounts, goods can go over 20,000 euros. I also had my diplomas. I have no solution. The item did not arrive. I made several calls and no answer.

The court decided to release the driver with an obligation to appear, then the van also leaves. I have not been given any kind of answer for the goods", he said.

The star was told that the driver was overweight. But the driver got away and the cargo is still stuck.

The citizen spoke with the driver's lawyer, who does not provide information about the charge.

Lawyer: When the notification comes. They will look into the matter these days, as far as I know. I am going out.

Ylli Ndreka: Look, you can send me the security measure document on WhatsApp.

Lawyer: You are not authorized to take that security measure! You are not his lawyer. I am his lawyer.

Ylli Ndreka: I want to know the charge.

Lawyer: I don't give them to you, because I have no obligation to give them to you.

Ylli Ndreka: I want to know the reason for the accusation.

Lawyer: I am not obliged to give the data, you don't even have to ask me yourself.

Ylli Ndreka: The property is mine, sir.

Lawyer: Ask the court for the goods!

From the act of notification, we learn that the person of the transport company is accused of committing the criminal offense of "smuggling with other goods and illegal border crossing".

But the accused says that he has friends and associates and will succeed and will even give Ylli some money.

Citizen: What charges did they make against you? This is what I wanted to know!

Driver: They did, I allegedly smuggled these goods into Albania. These goods are household goods, I will give them all.

Citizen: Just simply, an accusation of smuggling? As if these goods are contraband and I have crossed the border illegally. They did it in vain. That the van entered the Albanian territory twice. We will meet! There is nothing illegal in the van. Thank God I have friends. Send one lek, send another, because they blocked me on every side. When we meet, the brother will give some money, don't worry./tvklan.al

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