The scandal with the directors of Veliaj/SPAK arrests them, the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana closed their files

2024-04-10 11:39:00, Denoncim CNA

The scandal with the directors of Veliaj/SPAK arrests them, the

Most of the directors, the most loyal people of Erion Veliajt, those who have gone to Ujësjellësi in IMT, in Tirana DC, in the various enterprises of the Municipality are behind bars, Taulant Tushe, Redi Molla, Mariglen Qato, Enton Punavija, etc.

Some directors are under charges and have arrest warrants, others are under investigation, abuse of office, for actions of inaction, suspects, some have had their passports taken away, and SPAK is continuing to investigate some of the files.

There are a group of files (at least 5 in SPAK), where the Municipality of Tirana has been reported, the prosecutors and investigators of SPAK move forward collecting documents, facts and evidence even after the denunciations made by former MP Belind Kelliçi and the opposition, by the media, few denounce Erion Veliaj and his affairs.

The opposite happens in the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana.

SPAK investigates, while their colleagues in Tirana do things, close files, put them to sleep, etc.

CNA has learned from official sources that there were almost 25 reports to the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana regarding the officials of Erion Veliajt.

There are reports of demolitions, illegal constructions and so on, which CNA denounced some time ago.  But the investigations are closed by the Prosecutors. 

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana with various justifications, reports of predicates, non-verifications, passing of deadlines, and others like these, obviously interference from above, lead to the closing of the files.

CNA will bring the files, names, reports and prosecutors involved in this scandal, in closing the files of Tirana Municipality officials.

SPAK with a quick action, with a file that in almost 1 year dismantled a very extensive scheme of a company and 10 directors.

The scandal with the directors of Veliaj/SPAK arrests them, the

In the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, there are reports that can be called single, for a specific event, for a specific issue, from constructions without permission in Tirana, from demolitions, violence against residents, lack of expropriations, violation of the law and other abuses like these.

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana, the prosecutors of this institution, day after day simply close files.

There are nearly 25 files in a general information that CNA has provided, of which 20 of them have been closed.

ILD and KLP will soon have facts and evidence as to how colleagues of SPAK prosecutors close the files for the directors of Veliaj.

The scandal with the directors of Veliaj/SPAK arrests them, the

From Mariglen Qato, who is behind bars today, Taulant Tushe and so on.

But also for the current acting directors of Erion Veliaj, who through intervention mechanisms, scenarios or even corruption were able to close dozens of files or reports made against them for violations or abuses of the law and abuse of office./ CNA


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