Ermal Beqiri buys Horizon/AKSHI in the scheme

2024-04-11 13:10:00, Denoncim CNA

Ermal Beqiri buys Horizon/AKSHI in the scheme

The Information Technology market, widely regarded as one of the biggest channels of corruption in Albania, is undergoing significant changes. Ermal Beqiri, one of the biggest beneficiaries of IT tenders from AKSHI through his company Soft & Solution is transforming into one of the most powerful and key actors of the IT sector, developments that are mainly dictated by movement of public money.

Capital has learned that in recent days Mr. Beqiri has closed the deal for the purchase of the company Horizon, a company owned in Cyprus, which is the beneficiary of several public contracts in Information Technology.

The transaction has not yet been announced to the National Business Center, whose server is maintained precisely by Soft & Solution. But Kapitali confirmed with 3 independent sources that the deal has been closed, while the purchase figure is not yet known.


Horizon shpk is one of the first companies in the field of information technology in Albania. Currently, two agents from a law and tax office in Cyprus appear as its owners in the National Business Center.

Last year Horizon shpk realized a turnover of 526 million ALL or 5.1 million euros, while the fiscal profit of the company was about 1.7 million euros. Currently, this company has several public contracts benefited by AKSHI, such as the server of the Procurement Agency, that of the Ministry of Finance and dependent institutions, the maintenance of the Tax server, etc.

Ermal Beqiri is one of the biggest beneficiaries of public money in the information technology market through his company Soft & Solution. With the acquisition of Horizon, his group becomes one of the key players in this market, who dictate the movement of state money.

Software & Solutions

Soft & Solution is a company, which in the last four years has benefited over 18 million euros in direct payments from the state treasury for tenders won mainly by ANA. This does not include tenders won by extra-budgetary public institutions, which are not reported in the treasury system, or contracts won with satellite companies.

The name of Mr. Beqiri became known to the public for the first time as one of the experts agreed to prove the authenticity of the video surveillance of Ilir Meta with the late Dritan Prifti.

Later, his company would be involved in the scandal of bracelet tenders for convicts, while after the monopolization of IT tenders by AKSHI, Mr. Beqiri turned into one of the dinosaurs of public contracts in this sector. 

Just a few days ago, Soft & Solution won another large contract of over 5.6 million euros from AKSHI for the centralized electronic signature system.

Everything revolves around AKSHI

The Information Technology market is widely regarded as one of the most corrupt markets in the country. The monopolization of all the tenders of this market only to ANA, besides leading to the creation of a vassal sector of the government, has created an industry where successful businesses are determined by ANA and not the market.

But despite the high level of corruption, which has been revealed in the eyes of the citizens with the release of sensitive data in the bazaar or unimaginable scandals such as the theft of TIMS data, until now SPAK has not acted. But beyond SPAK, the opposition has also been soft in denunciations of corruption in the IT sector, and one of the reasons is believed to be the occult connections created precisely by the companies that benefit from AKSHI's big tenders, including Soft & Solution./ Kapitali .co.uk

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