"He told me, damn it, slaughter the dog in my place", the woman chases the man out of the house

2024-04-15 22:52:00, Denoncim CNA

"He told me, damn it, slaughter the dog in my place", the woman chases

Mani Sula, a citizen from Thana, Lushnje, tells "Stop" on TV Klan that his wife has kicked him out of the house for almost a year. She has also been provided with a protection order for violence and the citizen has done the same because he says that his sons, 15 and 17 years old, and his wife have raped him.

His main suspicion is that the boys are not his because in their 30-year marriage the children came after 12 years, while the doctor had told him he was sterile.

The ex-wife, Shpresa, denied every claim of the gentleman, while she said that her husband accused her of morality when she worked cleaning houses.

Journalist: What was the reason for your separation?

Woman: The reason was jealousy. My husband made me a bitch! I used to work around others (house cleaning), he made me a bitch. He killed the dog... He couldn't kill me that night, but he killed the dog. And he would kill me, that's where I live from.

Journalist: And he claims that you wanted to rape him, along with the children.

Woman: No, it's not true, sister. He has not come home for 7 months. He ran away from home by himself, I didn't drive him away. The court kicked him out of the house, he came to me at night, he was going to kill me with a scythe.

Journalist: Why does the boy speak that kind of language to his father, what is the reason?

Woman: What is the boy saying, what is the sister saying? He is not saying anything.

Reporter: He has a video of you cutting off the boots...

Woman: Where does he have the video? He had a video! I cut the boots. He put on my sneakers, the kids' sneakers. Why does he wear my clothes, my pants, my sneakers? I have them for myself. I have been childless for 12 years.

Journalist: Why have you remained childless for 12 years if I may ask you?

Woman: We both had problems. We were visited, we were both checked, I had a baby.

Journalist: Yes, you took the boys to school

Woman: What is the boy going to school for? Stay behind your mother because your father stays with knives. In every country, myself, with my children alone.

Journalist: On the day you were in Berat, why weren't your children there?

Woman: I had the old man with me, my father.

Journalist: Yes, the father was also there.

Woman: I had my father with me.

Journalist: And who was that man who was at home?

Woman: Who, my husband, was at home?

Regarding the apartment, the lady says that it is her and her husband's house, but Maniu claims that it is his sister's apartment. In the cadastre, the land on which this house is built is in the name of the owner's mother, while no actions have been taken for the house.

Jorjeta Sinjari, Social Service specialist in Lushnje municipality, says that she is aware of the case. According to her, the municipality of Lushnje offers the housing bonus, which means that Mani Sula will find the house and will be paid by the municipality until the situation is resolved./tvklan.al

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