The son took his mother out on the highway, what happened to the 86-year-old 

2024-04-22 21:49:20, Denoncim CNA

The son took his mother out on the highway, what happened to the

A few days ago, "Stop" aired the case of 86-year-old Esma Toluli, who has been moving from one hotel to another for 3 months, as there is a tenant in her apartment on "Margarita Tutulani" street.

The lady explained that she signed several papers in German with the thought that she would leave the apartment to her son after her death.

But with that firm, the son changed ownership of the apartment. Esmaja asks to enter the apartment because, as she says, she wants to die there.

"Stop" communicated with Esma Toluli's son, Haxhiu, who said that his mother and sisters deceived him and the apartment was left in a second-level bank as collateral.

Until that loan is repaid, Haxhiu said, no one from the family can move into that apartment.

"Stop" provided the notarial statement, which proves that the loan has been repaid, and we made this statement available to Mr. Haxhi Toluli, but he did not react.

"Given that Mr. Haxhi has stopped communicating with his sisters and mother, it was "Stop" that made him aware of the latest developments by making available on the Whatsapp social network, even the notarial statement between the bank and Shpresa Toluli . On the other hand, Mr. Haxhi refuses to answer, thus showing that he will not keep his promise", said journalist Domenika Bajraktari.

"Stop" went again to the elderly Totuli, who was settled in the Astir area. Her request remains the same, to return to her apartment.

"The lady of Germany sent me lek. [The boy] came with his whole wife and did not want to talk, so I also told him this through the spirit. I want my house to die where your father died. That's it," she says.

Alfred Muharremi, the director of the Tirana Social Service, promised the 86-year-old to pay her rent and provide her with a lawyer to pursue her problem in court.

"What we would propose was to immediately provide him with a shelter by taking all our commitment to pay the rent. As we learned, the family members had paid the rent for a period of 6 months. The State Social Service together with the Municipality of Tirana, with the Directorate of Housing will immediately take care that after 6 months it is ensured that this payment is made by the institution itself. Also, the social service will charge a lawyer and a lawyer to follow the entire legal issue regarding the claim that the lady has", said Muharremi./ tvklan

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