Scheme "5D"/ We have not seen anything yet from the Municipality of Tirana

2024-04-17 22:43:00, Denoncim Julian Hoxhaj

Scheme "5D"/ We have not seen anything yet from the Municipality of

The 5D affair shocked public opinion, that it was a unique form of corruption that for the first time disappeared even the famous 20 percent: they took it all for themselves, they didn't leave a single penny on the road. It seems that everyone from the directors to the simple specialists have done this corruption intership in the municipality of Tirana.

While defending his directors already arrested for the '5D' affair, Erion Veliaj tried to relativize the affair, stating that there are only two or three people, out of over 11,000 employees of the municipality of Tirana and over 1,000 tenders per year. performed by this institution.

But plow, has researched and discovered that corruption is capillary in the municipality, since similar schemes like the directors of '5D' have been created by other leaders of this institution led by Erion Veliaj.

The opposition councilors in the municipal council have made a request for an urgent meeting of the Municipal Council and a request for a financial audit regarding the use of the budget by Erion Veliaj.

Veliaj has tried to remove the responsibilities from himself for this affair. But the show 'Plug', also this Wednesday, will bring back new facts, that Redi Molla, Mariglen Qato, Taulant Tusha, Eglantina Zere, are not only...

The facts that we will present to you in this show show that in the municipality headed by Erion Veliaj and the subordinate institutions, the culture of corruption has spread capillaryly in the largest municipality of the country.

Companies of family members or persons related to some other directors of the municipality of Tirana, also turn out to have benefited from millions of tenders from the institution that is now run by Erion Veliaj.

Before we present you the new facts, we are briefly bringing back the facts published in the April 3 show. Plug' showed how not only Redi Molla and Mariglen Qato, but unraveled the threads of the affair that lead to Elvin Tivari and Durim Mustafa, two former subordinates of Redi Molla in the Tirana water supply.

Plug showed how Durim Mustafa, after serving REdi Molla and Mariglen Qato as a member of the tenders commission in the municipality of Tirana, in 2021, bought a company, which started doing business with La Brisa hotel co-owned by Elvin Tivar and Fatos Malaj, the brother of the mayor of Mati, Agron Malaj.

Durim Mustafa's ABG Construction company also received two large tenders from the Dibra water supply, precisely for the municipality of Mati and from the OST of Burrel, the value of which is over 5 million euros...

In the April 3 program, we also discovered that the threads of the affair led to the government cabinet, where the Minister of Tourism Mirela Kumbaro gave special status to the hotel of REdi Molla and Elvin Tivar in Durrës, where Gazmend Haxhia is also a shareholder. The latter is suspected to be a businessman close to Mirela Kumbaro, as she appointed him as part of an advisory board for tourism in 2022.

Gazmend Haxhia is also involved in the affair of the former minister of health Ilir Beqaj, where 149 thousand euros for the EUSAIR program that was run by Ilir Beqaj, while then he paid 44 thousand euros to the Gzona restaurant, owned by Ilir Beqaj's wife.

From the investigation of 'Plug', it turns out that several other companies have benefited from tenders of millions of euros from the municipality of Tirana directed by Erion Veliaj. The scheme in this case is the same as in the case of '5D', where the brother, sister, or cousin are directors in the municipality, while their family members create companies and receive tenders from Erion Veliaj.


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