Rama and early elections

2023-08-25 20:23:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Rama and early elections
Prime Minister Edi Rama

Asking Rama for early elections today is like asking Enver Hoxha for the permission of pluralism. Rama finds it impossible to conceive of democracy as a political reality without Edi Rama. Moreover, the Socialist Party or Rilindah, without the powerful shadow of Edi Rama.

This social-national-regional risk will last approx. He gets up in a rage and breaks the doors all the time when he sees how in some corner of the studio, how some hoarse voice brings this as a political obsession. To make matters worse, the new socialists or revivalists don't even have the courage to think about it. Just as Enver Hoxha did not take any political responsibility for his collaborators, Edi Rama also has no way. Enver immediately declared them enemies of the class and the people. Those who came behind him also acted doubly convinced.

Even Edi Rama, no matter how many financial scandals or escapes from the country, he has not taken and will never take political responsibility. It even has a tactical strategy to respond to every scandal with a media scoop, as is happening now with the news about the tourist boom or Shpirag's oil boom. Like Enver Hoxha, Edi Rama is promising
the Albanians that after this "discovery" they will eat with a golden spoon. Today he is a ruler and not a citizen. No matter how many government scandals happen, no matter how many arrests, even if he is left alone, he will never admit that he is guilty. As it usually happens in a democracy, never. He doesn't even think about the flow of power. Therefore, the Albanian reality today is neither meat nor fish.

Seek the truth in your homes, but you do not. This also coincides with the departure of Edi Rama's "tourist" children. Your children as Italian, French, German, Greek, Canadian, American or Australian, are leaving. See how much your budget grew... If so, did it grow from the children, or from Edi Rama's "tourists"? From the beginning of July this year, the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, distributed a video message where he welcomed all the emigrants from Dardan, who with their return, like every summer in Kosovo, not only set the country's economy in motion, but also enlivened life, etc., but they also contributed to the government deficit in relation to income.

Krejt ndryshe nga Albin Kurti, Enver Hoxha i Tiranës shqeu gjithë televizionet kombëtare e private me lajme për dyndje turistësh dhe kurrë nuk shpërndau një video mesazh mirëseardhje, përkundrazi i
quajti ata turistë, deri dhëndurrët nga Kolumbia e largët. Por në fund të fundit, pyetja është, nga kjo dyndje turistësh, a u rritën rrogat? A u rritën pensionet? Po pagat informle te privati, a u formalizuan me të drejta të plota ku mbulohet sigurimi shëndetësor, pensionimi etj.? Pyetja është se ky bum turistësh a përmisoi jetën tuaj? Apo mufati buxhetin e atyre shtetarëve që sot kanë nga dy apo tre vila në bregdet?

But we never ask these questions. It suits us more to put down the husband-husband than a statesman, monarch or dictator. Enver Hoxha ruled Albania for 40 years. And it was not the Albanians who drove him away, but God. Will the Albanians do this with Edi Rama? That remains to be seen. Let us pray that history does not repeat itself.

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