The stinging irony of Artan Fuga/ "The film entitled Lushnja's Portfolio is being shot"

2023-08-20 10:31:00, Opinione Artan Fuga

The stinging irony of Artan Fuga/ "The film entitled Lushnja's

The Albanian telegraphic agency gives the big news, the scoop, the one that all the world's media will cover, the one that happens rarely, something quite surprising, it doesn't happen anywhere else for 6000 years: two cyclists, Italian tourists, find a wallet full of leke, and handed it over to the Lushnje police.

Nurses have a habit of losing their wallets. Sign bolleku muzyqar - declared a deputy, specialist in the song: Osman Takja - beautiful boy!

It is not known who the money belonged to. Where did the owner of the wallet find the coins, where did he lose them, were they handed over to him or not, how is it possible that the Albanians who passed by had not found them earlier, what denominations the coins were, and what message the loss of the wallet when the lek was returned gave for the Italian-Albanian friendship.

It is known that a neighbor had told him that he would keep those coins without spending them as a gift, he would put them in a barrel, signs falling from Heaven, foretelling luck and good developments!

More importantly, his identity card was also in the wallet. This, so that the lost money would be returned to him, in case the wallet would fall out of his pocket!

Someone says that the owner had deliberately thrown the wallet on the track where the tourists were cycling to test their conscience. Greek cyclists had passed in front of them, but none of them had deigned to look at the provocative wallet full of money. This shows the big difference between cycling in Greece and in Italy - declared the former head of the cycling tourism federation in Malta!

That money could have ended up in the trash and straight into the Fieri incinerator! - said the former deputy mayor of Lushanje in an interview for Tirana television!

An investigative journalist of a prestigious media is researching what the incident of Berat has to do with four allegedly Italians robbing the owner of a restaurant, whose lady called herself half-Italian; with the Lushnja incident, where Italians in the country went to buy kadaif or pace or any sheep's wool yogurt, in any local, like the "Kozi" restaurant, they handed over the money to the nearest police station, changing the travel route by several dozen kilometers, overcoming infernal temptations.

Whoever finds money and hands it over, as happens every day these summer days, gets a photo of the police officer of the police station where he hands over the money as a reward!

Italy - Albania 1:1

An own goal by the Italians in Berat

And yes, they sign in Lushnje

I remember when our national team played against China and it was 7 to 7.

After the Albanian Telegraphic Agency gave the extremely important news, dozens of media rebroadcast it.

Rai is preparing an extended chronicle in the form of a documentary in collaboration with a famous television station in Albania. A film titled: Portfolio of Lushnje is also being shot!

To what degree have we reached!!!

What are they doing to inform the citizen!

Well, idiotic platitudes, but also a disturbingly generalized infantilization.

Don't take it! Don't fool people!

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