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Not even two days of vacation in Rhodes when I received an SMS from my sister on my cell phone:

- Nella died, brother. He was buried two days later when they brought him from Rome. He lived there for the last few years, he closed his eyes there.

My phone became heavy, it became a bullet. Nella was my father's friend to begin with. Then he became his brother and my uncle. I decided in my head that I would definitely go to Korça. I would participate in the funeral ceremony as if the sky and the earth were to become one.

I know that my wife, nephew and niece will scold me when they hear me, but I can't avoid it. And when I think that we had been organizing these holidays for months, I know that I would shock them. So as I told them, the first woman spoke:

- Cili Nella, as if I haven't heard it! Your father had two brothers, now we have three?!

I didn't answer because my nephew's question came to me:

-Who did he live with in Italy?

- I don't know, I told him the truth.

I hadn't heard or asked about it in years. After my father's death, I became less curious about his friends and associates. Maybe I didn't want to learn about their escape anymore. Every departure made me sad. Anyway, at that moment I made myself guilty.

Nella knew everything about us. Especially worries. We empty it without hesitation, with our eyes on him, on his mind for a solution. It's like artificial intelligence today that Hazer Xevap gives you tons of answers. As for him, I didn't ask if he lives, how he lives, where he is, until I learned the names of his two children. I know that the past cannot be bought, but lessons are learned.

The nephew put his lips on the gas as if to imply that I was running away to Korça to a ceremony that was not worth it.

- How old was he when he died? - the woman again.

-92 or 93, I told him and I was scrolling through the google of my brain, how much would my father be today because they were two years apart from each other.

- I don't even know the exact age of this uncle of yours, - said the niece.

-How many children does he have? What do they do? Where do they live? - bombarded the woman.

-I do not know. I don't know his children.

-Yes, the uncle is your close friend, you should know him and he will not leave again...-the woman continued.

I saw that disbelief was growing. They were about to kick me out as if I wanted to steal from the Greek island and come to Korça for better conditions. So I explained to them to the point of exhaustion what Nella was for me and my family.

I told them that when my father was promoted to the position in the company, he became the chief financial officer, and Nella also started working at that time. Sa had graduated from university as an economist. His father was his boss, but he didn't have a high school education. And while we trembled at the thought of Nella taking his place, we were surprised by this good man.

He encouraged his father to start university studies as soon as possible without breaking from work. And for four years, every dinner, Nella left his family and locked himself in his father's room solving problems, exercises or economic analysis. My father succeeded, he got his diploma, but his mentor was Nella.

 Then I remember a TV came to him from Germany. In fact, one of his cousins ??from America had ordered it. But he didn't keep it himself. He brought them to us. I have one at home, he said, and he took all the customs money from us. Giving you a TV back then was more of a gift than a house.

When I finished high school I dreamed of studying literature, the committee took me for engineering because I had a score of ten in mathematics, that was their reasoning. And that's where Nella intervened. One of his relatives who worked in the teaching office at the University changed my branch.

 I went to study where I dreamed. That's how it always turned out for us. For everything. For endless troubles and precious help. I remember one year when my father and mother went on vacation to the workers' camp in Vlora and we three children were small, Nella and her friend came to our house for two weeks. They cooked for us, washed us and did our homework with them.

Or one new year he lent me his suit and coat for a few days because I was invited to a recitation competition in Shkodër and had no clothes but knitted overalls. Lucky that we had the same measure in those days.

After this explanation, the woman had not tamed the mllef.

- This is all Nella. God bless us.

- Yes, - I said a little harshly, - God is. So I want to go to the ceremony for him. As you go to church and say that you are grateful to God, so I will say the same about Nella. That God is only the one we pray to even though we have not seen him. It is spread across the globe in millions of small masters. One of them was Nella. That made my life so much easier and helped me overcome hurdles without gaining anything.

I wanted so much, that there was a little calm. I phoned the agency for a plane ticket.

- Back in three days, - I shouted so that these rats could hear me.

- Buy, buy two tickets, I will come too, - my wife cheered me up.

The nephew and niece shook their heads. As they said, we are adults now, we live on our own.

And as I flew over the clouds the next day, I smiled from time to time.

- What's the matter with you?- the woman asked me.

- I am happy, - I told him.

He looked at me with surprise. The cuckoo escaped my husband's mind, he almost took it out of his mouth.

- I'm happy, - I told him again. - That father will now have his best friend by his side. He will have a fight with his mother because every night he will steal from her because he will meet Nella, because he loves the talkative person and they will fight there under the moon and my dear ones...

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