The Albanians' hatred of Anapulla

2023-08-22 15:45:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

The Albanians' hatred of Anapulla

Yesterday's summit in Athens was simply a commemoration of the one in Thessaloniki in 2003. So a full 20 years. And just to refresh your memory, the one in Thessaloniki was aimed at introducing the countries of the Western Balkans into the European family. It was a well-intentioned project invitation for the administrative enlargement of Europe. So 20 years of road and regardless of which countries were entered or not? Regardless of the problems that Macedonia has or had with Greece and even further with Bulgaria, etc., we are still outside of Europe.

Although physically and spiritually almost more than half of the nation lives in Europe, the state still does not. And we, as Albanians, instead of dealing with this fact, why all the Albanian governments, Nano, Berisha, Rama, etc., have failed from 2003 until today, we deal with a local candidate, with the fact that they didn't invite Rama, with the president's refusal or with Greek tricks, etc.

Whether on the left or the right, everyone should be taught just one question, why our governments have failed. Why didn't Nano, Berisha and this current one, the long-lost Rama, bring us into Europe? No one deals with the essence. We all deal with tourists when 95% of them are immigrants, their friends, even our daughters' sons-in-law. Or even our foreign brides not yet naturalized in Albanian. It is our grandsons and granddaughters who, for the most part, understand Albanian very well, but cannot speak it.

However, they like the place of the first, offer themselves, accept and come. It is this woman who often hears the words, agapi mu, my love, amore, a, me corason, etc. at customs. Are you upset why you didn't see Edi Rama among the leaders of the Balkans? Not worth it. Are you bored by asking yourself why, even after 20 years, we are still not part of Europe? Who is to blame? You who stay alone in your homes?

You who wait forward the day with your eyes to the messenger. Did the oyster come or not this year? Did the boy come or not? Not at all. You don't sign decrees. You don't have two-way conversations. You don't know how to draw up a territorial plan with another country.

Learn and talk about what they tell them. But you know very well that your cousin has a son in Athens. The neighbor has a daughter in Germany. Another in America in Canada. The one with the roadside kiosk has them in faraway Australia. You even know very well how much the sister brought for the brother or vice versa.

About who paid this wedding bill or summer list. However, you have become so many enemies with each other that for the head of Berisha or Rama, you can tear apart all of Albania. You never lost your mind for a single moment.

Why have 20 years passed and we are still not part of Europe? Don't hate each other, hate the bosses, the guilty, the losers. Let them know who is right, Greece or Edi Rama? Albania is not held with hatred towards Annapula, but with the finger of the head to those who are in charge. This is what your children do in the world where they are./ CNA

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