Politics is not an illusion, but a science

2023-04-29 12:20:00, Opinione Dr. Bledar Kurti
Politics is not an illusion, but a science
Dr. Bledar Kurti

It has long been discovered that the human brain is programmed to make wrong predictions. Humans are pattern-seeking creatures. Psychologists have found that if you present people with a random sequence or scenario - even though it is known to be unpredictable - they will still insist on guessing that they know what will happen. For example, who will win the elections, and with what result. That's why many people buy lottery tickets every week, insisting that they will win, and so do political parties and their candidates.

Neuroscience research shows that our brains are designed to perceive possibilities even where they may not exist. If an event happens more than once in a row, areas of the human brain called the anterior cingulate and the nucleus accumbens automatically predict that it will happen again. Because if a scenario is repeated, a natural chemical called "dopamine" is released, flooding and feeding the brain with euphoria. And one becomes optimistic, confident and self-satisfied about victory. While it is just a wish, an illusion, which has absolutely nothing to do with facts and truth.

And the worst thing is that one becomes addicted to one's predictions. This is the reason, as we have seen, that political leaders, even though they lose consecutive elections, lie to themselves that victory will come in the next battle, and in this case they also lie and keep their followers hanging, who think that their president "knows something they don't" or "has a genius plan" without realizing that the leader has simply fallen prey to the lying brain chemical dopamine.

In politics, whoever is guided by mental illusion will always lose. Politics is a science based on numbers, calculations, barometers, indices, formulas, algorithms, marketing and experiments. Like other sciences, politics uses a scientific approach. Which means it is objective, rational and systematic.

Simply put: a pencil and paper job, not a random cheer. 

"Politics is more difficult than physics," said Albert Einstein, so whoever treats it amateurishly as a spirit, as a desire, as euphoria, is gravely mistaken and always loses. The winner is the one who does the homework best.

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