The French with fire, the Albanians with fireworks

2023-04-23 13:22:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
The French with fire, the Albanians with fireworks
Analyst Lutfi Dervishi

Instead of baguettes and berets, the French are making a mess. The reason? A decision by President Macron to increase the retirement age by just two years from 62 to 64.

The French, known for their immense love of free time and good wine, do not understand why they should sacrifice two more years of work when they could enjoy the well-deserved retirement.

 As the news spread rapidly, the streets of Paris were filled with the smell of burning tires and the clamor of disgruntled citizens. The Eiffel Tower, once a symbol of love and romance, now stands as a beacon/torch of protest, with banners demanding the reversal of this unpopular decision. Cafes, once full of happy people and lively conversation, now seethe with heated debates about the retirement age.

All this would not have happened if the French had been notified in time that across the Adriatic Sea, the Albanian government increased the retirement age from 60 to 65 years old...

Albania, the country known for riots and chaos, the country where for a "flea they burn the quilt" called this decision "excellent reform". The cafes and streets of Tirana were filled with happy citizens, excitedly celebrating the news that they would work for five more years. The frenzy and noise from the music got so loud that Parliament was forced into an emergency meeting to pass a new law on noise pollution.

The reason why the French are protesting today and the Albanians were happy 8 years ago for the increase in the retirement age was discovered only recently.

Albanians have celebrated the increase in the retirement age because they knew that Indians, Thais, Africans will work in this country...and they themselves will go for asylum, maybe in countries like France.

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Two-legged wolf?!

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Agjërim… digjital

Po sikur të provonim agjërimin digjital? Të shkëputem...

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