Politically Berisha, legally... Alibasha!

2023-04-22 11:58:00, Opinione CNA
Politically Berisha, legally... Alibasha!
Journalist Hysni Gurra

We live in strange times where we see one thing and have to believe another. Big and small see Berisha leading the democrats and the opposition in all of Albania, but we have to believe that it is Alibasha because that's what the court says, that's what the law says.

We see with our eyes that Berisha meets the democrats throughout the country, but for the sake of the law we must see that Alibasha meets the "structures".

The deputies of Alibasha themselves say that there is no question that Berisha has the majority in DP, but we have to believe that the law and the court do not allow it.

Socialists and anarchists admit that Berisha leads the opposition, KAS, full of lawyers, says that AliBasha is the leader of the largest opposition party.

Edi Rama himself admits that his opponents in these elections are Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, so he filled the posters and billboards in Tirana and throughout Albania, but he gives the opposition's money for elections to Alibasha because "that's what the law says".

In the televised debates, the candidate for Tirana, Alibasha, does not say a word about Lali, but it is certain that he will receive fewer votes than Lajla, but he still says that the seat belongs to us because the court gave us the stamp.

We are living in a comical situation where actors paid by the government think they are convincing people that since the court by order of the government has determined who is the opposition and who is its leader, people will believe and vote for him. In fact, apart from entertaining with this ridiculous spectacle, they are not achieving anything else.

Since we are in a democracy, courts and institutions live. Long live the courts that say that a handful of people are the DP, long live the KAS that says that we know that Berisha is the majority, we know that we see the reality, but we also have the legal "reality".

We understand that they are mocking themselves with these "acrobatics", but let's not take it further by mocking the intelligence of the public.

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