Two-legged wolf?!

2023-04-22 10:45:00, Opinione Mitro Çela
Two-legged wolf?!
Mitro Cela

Being in a hurry, I started to "graze" on the Internet.

The first news. In some villages of France, a wolf ate cattle to "kill" hunger. But he was also capricious.

Drowning herds of sheep for slaughter.

The second piece of news: The blacksmiths' union met.

How old-fashioned, France?! I thought. Do peasants also have unions?! We, the Albanians, are comfortable.

In 1992, by decree of President Berisha, the unions got rid of them by giving them rest camps and culture houses.

At that time, this fortune was estimated at about 25 million dollars?!

A union "boss", after pocketing 2-3 million dollars, has been living in France for 20 years?! He asked for political exile, because he stole like a two-legged wolf?!

But let's go back to France. A few years ago the four-legged wolf was an endangered animal.

I made a mistake! Would France remain without wolves?!

Parliament convened. The law passed. Fine or prison who abused the wolf!

Under the protection of the law, the wolf was added. It became a flock. At first, he ate like a four-legged wolf: "grazing" at night.

Later it became like a "wolf with two legs". Meadow on a sunny day. Normal. The law protected him.

After the accounts for the damage to the livestock were made, the trade union assembly sent a message to the Minister of Order:

- "SOS" from the wolf! He chopped our sheep! We want permission to take revenge?!

The third news. The minister answers: "The law is the law!...It doesn't change with a spring." I want to debate. Do arguments...Everything needs its time?!"

Let's go back to Albania. I have in my hand the report of the High State Control. The procurement law has been violated in the Council of Ministers, in the courts, in many municipalities... Sorry, even in the Ministry of Order!...

Moral: In Albania, the four-legged wolf is an endangered species. The ruler has become a "wolf with two legs". They ripped off the state coffers in the middle of the day?!

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