Logically, on the graduation of Belind Këlliç

2023-04-23 13:16:00, Opinione Elona Caslli
Logically, on the graduation of Belind Këlliç
Belind Kellic

I had the opportunity to read an article on the Internet that raised the claim that Belind Kelliçi did not have a high school diploma and had defrauded a university in the United States of America.

There are several arguments lying on the plane of logic that contradict this argument.

To justify the arguments in question, I will take as a point of reference only my daily work, which includes sending Albanian students to various European universities to follow their studies for an academic semester.

Every university in Europe, before accepting an Albanian student, requires a set of documents which are summarized in; Student ID; list of grades; foreign language certificate. The documents in question bear the seal of the institution from which they are issued and must be translated and notarized in English.

After the foreign university has reviewed the documentation of the Albanian student, it sends the acceptance letter of this student. With this acceptance letter, the student presents himself to the relevant embassy in Albania and applies for a student visa.

So, in order to apply for a student visa, a pupil or a student must submit a letter of acceptance from a university to an embassy. This letter is signed by the legal representative of the foreign university and is accompanied by the relevant seal of the university.

When we come down to the case of Belind Këlliç and the claim that the latter has defrauded a university in America, we are faced with questions;

What document did Kelliçi present to be admitted to a university in America?!

I guess it wasn't recorded orally. So it was not enough to say that I am Belind Kelliçi and I want to register.

Logically, Kelliçi should have submitted a certificate confirming the 4 years of study at "Harry Fultz" accompanied by a list of grades and additional documentation required by the university in question. Based on this documentation, the university must have issued the acceptance letter with which Kelliçi must have appeared at the American Embassy in Tirana to apply for the student visa.

The experience of high school students who complete their last year of high school studies abroad is widely open in Albania. This experience is widely spread in countries like Germany or America. This process is carried out through cooperation agreements that educational institutions in Albania connect with educational institutions abroad.

Post Scriptum - Logically, the claim that Kelliçi has defrauded a university in America can only stand if the registration at this university is done verbally and not with the relevant documentation.

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