Program for the city...A letter from the candidates in the race

2023-04-26 19:02:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

Program for the city...A letter from the candidates in the race
Three weeks before the date of the votes, I still have not been able to read a complete program for the cities with concrete figures where the promises are accompanied by invoices and indicating the sources of funding.

I have tried to follow their debates, browse their profiles on social networks, listen to the voices that support them, see their journeys with the residents, but unfortunately I cannot discover the answers to some simple questions related to programs.

Until now we have heard "we are good, they are bad". "They are intestines, we are lungs with trees".

From the posters in the squares and streets, it seems as if the campaign is not to elect the mayor of the city, but the mayor of a country that is holding elections for the first time in its history.

But finally, and better late than never, a letter from the candidate for mayor of the city has arrived at the doors of every voter.

For a moment, I'd like you to imagine yourself reading this note left by one of the candidates asking for your vote on May 14th.

Dear resident of ….
I hope this letter finds you, your family, friends and relatives well wherever they are.

As a candidate for mayor, I am introducing you to my program that aims to make our city a better place to live.

As your next mayor, I will work tirelessly to make our city safe, prosperous, clean and welcoming to all.

Our city is home to X thousand inhabitants, of which (xxx) are employed in the private sector and (xxx) in the public sector.

Unfortunately, (xxx x) are unemployed and 60% of them are young people aged 18-25.

Our city's budget for the next fiscal year is expected to be (xxx ALL)
The budget breakdown is attached to this letter.

You know that budget income is the taxes and fees you pay, unconditional transfers of the state budget, donations and loans that can be received.

My program for the next four years is based on four main pillars:
Transport and traffic: Not only surveys, but also daily experience show that the number 1 problem in the city has been and is heavy traffic which makes life difficult for citizens.

The concrete proposal of my work team is this:

These interventions cost (XXXX) lek which will be covered by the municipality budget. We will invest in new technologies for traffic management at a cost of... (XXXX) Lek.

Economic Development: A business-friendly environment is essential to creating jobs and improving the quality of life for all.

As mayor, I will work to increase the number of local and foreign businesses in our city, supporting more local entrepreneurs and especially small business owners who find this activity vital.

Based on experts' estimates, there will be tax incentives for new businesses, improvement of transport infrastructure and the creation of job training programs, especially for new technologies that will help citizens and young people to become skilled. to meet the demands of the labor market.

Concrete proposal: We will offer tax breaks to new businesses that create jobs in our city and it will cost approximately [Cost of tax incentive].

In addition, as a result of the revenue we will collect from the big business, we will invest in infrastructure to improve our public transport system, which will cost approximately [XXXXX].

Finally, we will create a job training program for the unemployed to acquire the necessary professional skills to enter the market. This will be made possible by the collaborations we have planned with xxxxx companies.

Environment : That our city is blessed by nature, this does not need descriptive words, but projects that transform beauty into income for all residents.

For this reason, we have thought about how we will use the 300 sunny days, with natural resources and fascinating landscapes.

Both the millionaires and the unemployed breathe the same air, therefore facing the state we have ended up in will be our first challenge as without oxygen, no sight can be called beautiful.

Naturally, the solution to the traffic problem will also lead to the improvement of air quality, but this is not enough, our policies will extend even further to the stimulation of alternative means of transport that are more ecological.

"The city was not bequeathed to us by our parents, but we owe it to our children."

This postulate is our responsibility to protect natural resources for future generations.

As mayor, I will work to invest in greenery, sports areas and parks in every residential unit where we have provided these spaces (investment cost of green space).

Propozim konkret: Ne do të investojmë në burime të rinovueshme të energjisë si energjia diellore dhe e erës për të përdorur gjithnjë e më shumë energji të pastër, e cila do të kushtojë afërsisht [Kosto e Investimeve të Energjisë së Rinovueshme].

Për më tepër, ne do të zgjerojmë sistemin tonë të transportit publik për të reduktuar numrin e makinave në rrugë, i cili do të kushtojë afërsisht [Kosto e investimeve në transport].

Së fundi, ne do të investojmë në hapësira të gjelbra dhe parqe, në këto vende… të cilat do të kushtojnë afërsisht [Kosto e Investimit të Energjisë së Rinovueshme].

Për më tepër, ne do të zgjerojmë sitemin tonë të transportit publik për të reduktuar numrin e makinave në rrugë i cili do të kushtojë afërsisht (Kosto e investimeve në transport)

Transparenca: Fuqia e qytetit tonë qëndron te banorët dhe si kryetar bashkie, unë do të punoj për të ndërtuar lidhje më të forta midis qytetarëve tanë dhe qeverisjes së tyre lokale.

Marrëdhënia jonë do të jetë marrëdhënie solide dhe e ndërtuar mbi besimin. Rruga më e shkurtër dhe pa kosto për të rritur besimin është transparenca, prandaj ne do të komunikojmë bashkërisht në këto kanale për të dhënë e marrë informacion…(XXXX).

Buxheti i bashkisë janë taksat dhe tarifat që ju paguani. Çdo shpenzim i bashkisë do të jetë transparent on line dhe i detajuar.

Në çdo kohë mund të shihni se sa shpenzohet dhe për çfarë shpenzohet në çdo qindarkë tenderim.

Auditimin e përdorimit të buxhetit bashkiak do ta bëj opozita!

Së fundmi,

I invite you, after reading the other candidates' programs, to vote for what you think is best for the city.

The choice remains in your hand, while my hand will meet whoever you choose.


Candidate X. Y

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